Friday, June 29, 2007

closing thoughts.........

If you want to ever know if the person you are with is on the “same page” as you are….go to a Disney theme park with them… and you will find out just how compatible you really are! :o) (I am happy to report that I discovered even more how in tune we are with each other during our day at Disney!)
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We spent Thursday at Epcot… thinking it would be enough to give Mads the “Disney Experience” but not be too kid-oriented.
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Well, I don’t know if it was because we were both just tired from the travel and the heat or what, but around 2:00, we looked at each other and decided we were bother ready to get out of there!! We thought of all the things we had already experienced over the course of the week and we thought about what we had paid to come to Epcot and neither of us thought it was worth it…. It was so expensive, so FREAKING HOT & HUMID and SOOOOOOOO full of children! UGH! LOL!!! We kept seeing these families where the kids were whining and crying and the parents were griping….some were being so impatient with the kids while others were GIVING IN to whatever the kids were demanding. We just stood there, in amazement…wasn’t this supposed to be the most MAGICAL place on earth??!!

We did have a great time—on the space shuttle simulation, on the FAST TRACK ride and then walking through the various countries. It was a unique experience, but not one that we will be repeating in the near future. I am sure that when he posts later, he will tell you his favorite part was the Simulation…reminded him of our day at the Kennedy Space Center…. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Here is a picture of Mads’ own personal AMERICAN ADVENTURE!!

I will tell you that my favorite part was sitting with him in the Moroccan café where we had lunch… listening to the traditional music, watching the belly dancer and enjoying all the incredible Moroccan food and drinks. We were relaxed, focused on each other and having a great time….I think those are all my favorite moments of our trip… sitting in the restaurants, focused on each other; driving in the car, focused on each other, etc,…. Do you see a pattern?! :o)

I am actually typing this as I fly back to Dallas from Atlanta… and will post it online as soon as I get on the computer later this afternoon. Took me a while to actually stop crying long enough to be able to log on and type something coherent. Leaving him in that Atlanta airport was most difficult….. but we can do anything for 60 days, right??!! He will be in Dallas on August 31 for a week, so all we have to do is make it to then…. And then it will be fall break in October, and Thanksgiving in November and Christmas break in December… again… see a pattern?!

I hope that you have all enjoyed watching our journey unfold as we have traveled throughout Florida. We had a wonderful time and will always have some incredible memories to recall as we get old… and we feel blessed to have friends and family with whom we can share our tales…. :o)

We decided that we are going to keep our blog…as a way to “tell our story” with each other and to each other… so you are welcome to log on periodically to find out what is going on with Mads and Kelli…. We will each post entries and pictures from what we are doing while we are apart and then we will post stories that we have together during our upcoming visits. So the “adventure of Kelli & Mads” is not ending just because this vacation is over…… in fact, it is really only just beginning! :o)

Thanks for allowing us to share our experiences with you……….
Love you all,

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HOLMES said...

Yeah, Disney can be a royal asswhip. I've never seen happy children skipping through that park. They've always been screaming, unhappy, and unpleasant.

However, my all-time favorite Disney memory involves precisely that demographic... we were in the Magic Kingdom in front of Cinderella's castle, totally by accident. I am sure we were hunting the beer stand and got horribly sidetracked. Anyway,I am not a good judge of numbers but I think there were about eight billion kids there. The whining and bitching were at epic levels and that was just the parents.

So Cinderella comes walking through the castle doors onto this winding sidewalk thing and a great hush falls over the crowd... every kid, every parent, EVERYONE gets quiet and as Cinderella turns and waves, EVERYONE out there gasps in unison. Very "Disney".

It was a great two minutes. Really.