Friday, June 29, 2007

sitting in the airport.....waiting to board

Well this adventure is coming to an end.... we are sitting in the Florida airport, ready to board in about 20 minutes.... It's been a great trip...we tallied the miles on the rental car and realized we had driven about 1200 miles this week...all over the great state of Florida.

We have photos to load and stories to tell about our day at Epcot, but that will come later today.

Right now is a time to reflect about our days together and begin planning our next visit. Mads just got a text message from his boss, approving his trip to Allen on August 31. That means he will be here through the week of Labor day.... We already have tickets for him, Dawn and Jennifer and me to go and see Def Leppard on Saturday night at Smirnoff, but I am thinking that on Sunday night (since Monday is a holiday), we will FOR SURE plan a PORCH NIGHT with the gang....
He is more than excited about meeting all of my crazy friends... :o)

We will fly to Atlanta together in a bit and then I will leave for Dallas at 2.... while he waits for his flight to Copenhagen at 5:45...... I am sure you all can imagine what it will be like around 1:30pm, Eastern Time in the Atlanta Airport...... but at least we know that in 60 days, we will be together again.....

We both have so much to tell our family and friends so we cannot wait to get home and see you all..... the stories are too good to tell online... we will wait and do that in person! :o)

The blog is not ending just because THIS trip is over... I will post about Epcot later tonight when I get home and then he and I are still going to use it as a way to "share the fairy tale" of Mads and Kelli! So keep it bookmarked!

love you all,


journeyinfinite said...

Can't wait to see ya and hear the stories this weekend!
That would be awesome to have a porch night w/ Mads there. He seems so cool and fun!

HOLMES said...

Can't wait to see you!

It hasn't rained in 18 hours here!!