Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sunday in the Sunshine State

Well Sunday is almost over on the east coast and it has been another great day......... I could title today "Mads meets the Outlet Mall"... all I can really recall is him standing in the Tommy Hilfiger outlet store saying "These prices are FREAKING cheap!" And of course he was saying this as he was quickly adding more and more to his pile to try on...and eventually purchase!

It was a day of many firsts..not just the outlet mall, but he also had his first frappuccino at Starbucks (and Dawn thought she was the last SB Virgin!!) Of course, you all know that it is my mission to expose all mankind to Starbucks!! Anyway I have to give him kudos because he even accompanied me into the Coach outlet and never complained... :o)
Tomorrow, he was originally planning to head north to Sarasota and Tampa while I work, but I have a sneaking suspicion that he will be able to be found BACK at the outlet mall..hitting all the stores that we did not have time for today...especially BANANA REPUBLIC! (He learned about the Banana at Miami beach... damn, I am converting him to my way of life right and left!!)
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I had to work tonight and of course, all the Allen ISD folks were asking when they would get to "meet my friend"... I remained as ALOOF as possible (some of you are thinking, YEAH RIGHT!) but I could not help it...Becky Kennedy said I Was just walking around with a smile on my face... LOL (She's right of course!!) She actually got to meet Mads as we were waiting for our car at the valet stand.. I will be interested to hear her opinions when we meet for breakfast tomorrow! LOL..of course, her first question was "When are you moving to Denmark??!"

Then tonight, after I worked, we went out to dinner.... I gave him a choice of Chinese at PF Chang's or Italian at Macaroni Grill and he chose the latter. It was a Great night..for those of you that know about M.G. take a look at Mads with his FIRST LEANING BELLINI
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and Mads as he learns about writing messages on the table... a strict tradition at Macaroni Grill!!
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I thought the message was pretty great.... :o)Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

We stopped by the store for a six pack and then got back to the hotel and took our beer and headed to the beach..completely deserted... and it was wonderful. We walked for a while, and talked for even longer. Just talking with each other as the waves crash along the shore made for an incredible experience. I have to work tomorrow from 730-330 so I will be interested to hear how he spends his day... I will make sure he takes the camera with him! :o)

Hope you are all doing well. We miss everyone, but cannot help but say how incredible this time is that we have together... and we are already planning for our next time together!! Mads says for Dawn to get ready to attend Def Leppard with a Viking and he wants Shelly to get ready to really learn how to PARTY ON THE PORCH!! :o) Labor day weekend...mark your calendars!!!

love you all!
Kelli (I am the only one typing tonight as I am in bed, next to this really hot Dane...who is SNORING! :o) Guess he is worn out!!!!) More tomorrow...
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HOLMES said...

You need to find him a sno-cone stand while he's here, too. Ha!

Miss you.

journeyinfinite said...

Glad you are having fun! I love South Beach! Try Cuban food!!! Visit the Del Ano Hotel. The pool area is gorgeous...and known for having famous peeps!

Kocak said...

Have you taken him to TARGET, yet?
How about Wal-mart?

I am so happy that you are having an amazing time! Good things happen to good people!

Hurry home, though. We miss you so much!

Love you!