Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tuesday..on the road

We are actually in the car right now (don't you love technology!!) driving NE toward Port Canaveral.... for those of you that are old fans of "I Dream of Jeannie", we will be staying right outside of Cocoa Beach on Astronaut Blvd. Tomorrow is our day at the Kennedy Space Center and we are really excited..... Lots to see and do... and lots of pictures to take, I am sure!

We left Naples at noon and headed out for lunch before our 4 hour drive to the east coast... As we pondered what to have for lunch, a giant billboard appeared alongsice the road.... claiming "CRACKER BARREL...NEXT EXIT!!" So of course we quickly exited! I had to let Mads experience REAL Southern home cooking!! Down below you will see him with his CHICKEN FRIED CHICKEN! I would have taken his picture with his first taste of cornbread, but he devoured it too quickly before I could snap the picture!! :o)
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Of course, I had to get a photo of him on the famous Cracker Barrel Porch in a world reknown, hand crafted rocking chair!!Is this not the most adorable photo ever?!
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As we were driving along state highway 17 in Florida, imagine our suprise when the cars in front of us begin to quickly pull over to the side of the road...we followed suite, wondering what was happening..especially when a police car came from nowhere and passed alongside of us. Within minutes, there were six police cars, pulled over about 200 yards in front of us... with the police standing on the highway, guns drawn, pointed at the driver of a truck... I felt for sure we must have warped over momentarily to EAST TEXAS!! But no, this was happening in the middle of the great state of Florida! And I am sure you can all guess what my favorite Dane did.... WHIP OUT HIS CAMERA, of course!! :o)
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We never did find out the man's crime, but in the story we created in our heads, we are confident that GRAND THEFT AUTO will be the charge!

So here we go...down the highway and the agenda for the rest of the ride is DANISH TUTORIALs... I have really been practicing my Danish alot and ALMOST have it down to where Mads does not LAUGH when I talk!! :o) Actually, I am going to practice on his dad later tonight...His dad sent money for Mads to take me out to a nice dinner (Which we did last night) and so when Mads calls to talk to his parents later today, I will get to talk to his dad and say "Tak for aftensmad, Herre Norgaard!" Hopefully he won't laugh too hard at me!! Or at least wait until he hangs up the phone.... LOL

Ok, I will run...but I do have one thought to leave with you.. ."JEG ELSKER MADS!"

love you all.....
the Florida travelers


Unknown said...

Hi there, Kelli and Mads.
I really enjoy and look forward to reading your blog everyday, because I somehow feel responable for you two meeting eachother ;-)I cant believe that Mads got to see a real american police "shootout". Im so jaloux, I thought Texas was the place to see that - but I didn´t see any last year :-)
Kelli, please pull Mads away from the Hilfiger section and down to the sports section - he has to byb me a pair of New Balance running shoes - half price you know!
Enjoy the rest af the week.
Give my the greetings to all the Kelldorf´s you meet!

the Danish Keldorff

Anonymous said...

I must agree...I love reading your blog entries! Thanks for allowing us to live vicariously through you. Hope you make it to Epcot! If you do go, and make it to the world showcase, then I think Mads should kiss you in every country;)


HOLMES said...

Funny... there aren't any pictures of anyone with cloves.