Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wednesday...and we made it to Orlando

Wow... we are really racking up the miles on the rental car! What an adventure this is. I think we have determined that our roles are MADS as DRIVER and ME as matter what his Danish post may say that contradicts that! :o)

Last night, we drove into Port island off the coast of Florida.....and had a GREAT night.... Mads really wanted Mexican food, so we found the ONLY pseudo Mexican place on the map and headed out... I think I can say that El Tucan will never be the same, and neither will we! First of all, I think that everytime that waiter came to the patio to check on us (and yes, Shelly, you know why we were on the patio), I ordered ANOTHER bud lite.... To the tune of SEVEN throughout the dinner... good thing they were draft and not bottles!
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Anyway, the most wonderful thing happened when he brought our bill.. THE BAR TAB listed TEN BEERS for FOURTEEN FREAKING DOLLARS! Dawn would be proud of me for calculating how incredibly CHEAP that night was !!! I am sure I was quite entertaining ... we talked to my sister during dinner and then Mads talked to Gesh as well..... not sure what all we said, but it was a FUN NIGHT!! And man, I LOVE CHEAP BEER!! We had a long drive home in which I SANG ALONG WITH EVERY SONG ON THE RADIO!! (I am sure he will also mention that in his post!! :o) ) Again, texting Gesh the whole night... so I am sure she was as entertained as Mads was!!

Anyway.... I cannot wait to tell you about today's events... it was the CUTEST Thing I have ever witnessed! We spent the day at the Kennedy Space Center and I am confident that I was accompanied by a very tall NINE YEAR OLD!!
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I stopped counting after he said "WOW" the twelfth time in ten minutes.. it was ADORABLE!! Coming to the Space center was a dream he has had for years and it was just so fun to watch him getting so excited at each stop...... I LOVED sharing this experience with him!
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From the IMAX movie theatre of the first landing on the moon to the tour of the International space station building pods to the Rocket Garden....the entire day was AMAZING! Whether I like space exploration or not... I LOVED WATCHING HOW EXCITED MADS GOT!! It was a day I will remember for ever!!!
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We checked in tonight at the Disney Safari hotel and are anticipating our day at Epcot tomorrow..... from what Nettie and my mom have told me, we are going to LOVE THIS!! Not only will we take Nettie's suggestion of KISSING IN EVERY COUNTRY, but we will take mom's suggestion of DRINKING in every country as well! :o)

After our day at Epcot, we will head back west to Ft. Myers which is where we will fly out of on Friday morning.... We both leave Ft. Myers at 10:30 and fly to Atlanta.... then in Atlanta, I board a plane WEST and he boards a plane EAST... but we won't worry about that right now.. we will just enjoy our day at Disney tomorrow!! With MANY more pictures to share with you all!!
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More to come...
love, Kelli
PS: Did I mention that we had to go to luggage store in Orlando so that Mads could by a NEW SUITCASE.....not because his broke, but because he bought SOOOO many clothes at the outlet mall that they WON'T ALL FIT in the suitcase he brought!!!! :o)
and now a few words from the Great Dane, himself....

Saa er turen kommet til Orlando og KSC (Kennedy Space Center)... Som Kelli har beskrevet det, saa havde vi en hyggelig og SJOV aften i gaar. Hun var naesten ikke til at styrer paa 7 toenderland og efter hun havde faaet 7 oel, var hun naturligvis i et fantastisk humoer. Jeg har endnu ikke hoert en kvinde synge saa mange country sange foer ... Og de var alle sammen til mig ! FANTASTISK !!! :o) Jeg skulle jo koerer hjem, saa jeg noejes med 2, men det var absolut en oplevelse at jeg haaber at I andre vil opleve en dag :o)

I dag har vaeret ikke mindre end fantastisk! Vi kom til KSC omkring kl. 9 og saa var jeg ellers i droemmeland. SOm Kelli ogsaa fortalte, saa har det vaeret et stort oenske for mig at opleve KSC LIVE og det overgik alle mine forventninger og lidt til. En KANON dag, men en masse oplevelser ... mange billeder som I naturligvis vil se naar jeg kommer hjem og ikke mindst en dejlig Kelli som viste sig fra den bedste side og blot noed hvordan jeg gik rundt og bare var i en anden verden, smilede og sagde WOW 700 gange :o)

Efter en FANTASTISK dag er tiden kommet til vores sengetid, men endnu en dag med store oplevelser venter i morgen ... Jep, det er blevet tid til Disney World - Epcot Center. Hvis i morgen bliver lige som i dag, saa smiler jeg stadig naar jeg kommer hjem til DK igen.

Haaber at I alle har det godt ...

Kh. Mads


HOLMES said...

That is quite a "service module" you've got there.

Anonymous said...

I am so excited for your Epcot experience tomorrow!