Sunday, September 23, 2007

Billeder fra skoven

Mads made a trip south to the forest this in hand. The only thing missing was my hand in his other hand!
We are posting a few of the pictures he took and then the plan is that as the leaves begin to change in the next week or two, he will take new photos to show the changes. Hopefully that will be about the time that I arrive in Herning! :o) that is the plan anyway... We will see if nature cooperates! First is a picture of what, I think, was the most incredible sight in the forest today...
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And then, an authentic Danish house, in the middle of the forest with a REAL STRAW roof... I could drink some major coffee on this porch overlooking the babbling brook.
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I am pretty confident that the Danish people must breathe so much better than Texans do with all these trees..... I cannot wait to experience this. I am confident that I will LIVE LONGER once I make the move across the ocean.
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It's absolutely breathtaking...and the best news is that there is not a mesquite tree in sight!


HOLMES said...

It was about 90ยบ here today.

Texas blows.

We sure do miss you, Mads!!

Nichole said...

Beautiful forest!

I can confirm for you that we find that we breath much better here then back home. It is wonderful! Thatched roofed houses are so charming... I love the brooke that porch overlooks. I'm relaxed just looking at it!