Monday, September 10, 2007

date night.............

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As we stood in the middle of the sculpture garden on Tuesday afternoon, Mads asked me if there was a place we could go where we could see all of Dallas in one place..... Then we looked up and saw the Reunion Tower...and decided at that moment that we needed a date night at Antares.......... How I have lived in Dallas for six years and never been to "the ball at Reunion Tower" at night is beyond me but as I told him that night at dinner.............I was so glad that my first time to experience it was with him.
So I got to sit in Antares, the restaurant at the top of the tower, looking into the eyes of this incredible man Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
and it was breathtaking........... oh and the view of Dallas was pretty amazing too!
The food was amazing, the conversation was even better and the night was perfect as we sat and watched the restaurant rotate so that we could see every possible view of DFW and the sunset. Again......breathtaking.
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It was the perfect date night with the perfect man. The first of many more to come!
Damn, life is freaking amazing...........

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