Saturday, September 8, 2007

Hookah with the Kocaks

Sunday, Sept 2
A wonderful, leisurely dinner together, watching a movie on the couch (Have you SEEN Apocolypto????) and then we ended the day on a perfect note..... dessert and hookah with my favorite newlywed couple..Wana and Fatih!
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We were at Sultan's for three hours...visiting and getting to know each other. Mads had a GREAT time. And he actually did a great job handling all of my sista's questions...such as "When are you putting a ring on her finger?" and "so have you talked her into having a baby yet?" She cracked us up! But Mads handled them perfectly and with a great sense of humor!! :o) Of course Fatih was totally embarrassed and kept changing the subject to SOCCER.... but we can say it was a night to remember! Mads loved meeting them and referred to us as the 2 women in love with European guys!!

I love my friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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