Thursday, September 13, 2007

Mads' first party with the gang....

Well, he survived the week and all the introductions...but the real test would be if he could "hang with the porch crew"!! After going to my school for a couple hours on Friday afternoon and having things said to him like "You better take care of our girl, or you and I will have to go outside (Hardage)".... and "We love her...and will be watching you!(Hill)"......he was STILL in love with me! Imagine that!

We came home, worked on my residency application and started cooking dinner for the party. The guest list was 14 strong and included all the regulars. I had explained to him about our porch nights....that we call them GAME NIGHT but never end up playing any games. We just move all my move-able furniture out to the porch where we hang out....drinking, smoking our cloves and talking about the most random things! He was definitely looking forward to this!

The gang arrived in full force...
and I had the most fun WATCHING him WATCHING them... he just sat there, smiling, totally enjoying being there. It was so GREAT to see the love of my life connecting to my dearest friends. I had sent him a "key to the gang" a month ago that had pics of everyone and a synopsis about each he was prepared! :o) It was perfect!
We did spend a large majority of the night on the porch....just hanging out!
There were many things about that night that he will remember for quite some time to come.......some things he will remember for yummy reasons like Shelly's famous rice krispies
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while others he will remember for comical reasons like Whit's game of "20 questions for Mads"...which included but were not limited to:
1) Do you have tractors in Denmark?
2) Are there black people in Denmark?
and my personal favorite (that I think Dave put her up to asking!!)
3) Do the men in Denmark like to kiss you in your ear like the men here?!

The night was great... all the important people in my life in one room together and he loved every minute of it!
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Now the only question is: who is hosting the next porch night?!

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