Sunday, September 2, 2007

our first three days together in Texas.....

The first two times that Mads and I have spent an extended amount of time together could be categorized as "vacation weeks"...we spent a week in Copenhagen together in January and then we spent a week in Florida together in June... so that makes THIS week all the more special. This is our first "hanging out at home together"....and it is even more incredible than I ever dreamed it would be.

We wanted time to just "be" together. You the day to day stuf...waking up, drinking coffee and moving slow as you get the day started. Walking Albert, watching the news, just going through the day to day stuff. Yes, vacations are amazing and fun and unforgettable, but it's times like this that help you grow closer together.

Jess and I picked him up from the airport Thursday night and took him eat at our favorite restaurant... The Grand Lux. We discovered this amazing place in Chicago about five years ago and got so excited when they opened one here! So she and I knew that needed to be the first place we took Mads. I was not sure how she would interact with him--would she be shy because she does not know him that well yet? Would she be stand-offish because she was sizing him up? Or would she be "teenagery" because she felt uncomfortable?? And the answer was NONE OF THE ABOVE! She was JESS... and I should have known she would be. It was GREAT. She was relaxed and sweet and warm-- basically just herself. They got along so well and the evening could not have gone better. The two most important people in my life were with me at the dinner table and it felt like the world was exactly as it should be.

Friday was our first full day together. Mads had his FIRST CHIPOTLE burrito... what an experience! LOL. Then we went to Stonebriar for a while and shopped. It was just easy and simple fun. We had a few hours in the afternoon to relax before heading to my parent's house for dinner. He was nervous and although I kept trying to reassure him, I know it was tough for him to walk in there, really not knowing what to expect. Even though we don't live our lives for our parents, I know that he wanted them to like him and accept him. (which I knew they would...........)
Let me just say that we arrived at 6 and left at 1030..........the evening ROCKED!
We had moments of light hearted conversation, we had moments of informative types of conversation where he told them things about Denmark and then we had moments of the serious conversations where they discuss things like "what are your intentions with our daughter"!! Yes, parents still ask those kinds of things even when their daughter is THIRTY SEVEN! ;o)

Well, it was perfect. He was relaxed and open about whatever they asked. They all fit in so well together. I could not have asked for it to have gone any better......all the people I love connecting. My heart was so full.

My sister and brother in law and their kids arrived a little after ten so he really did get to meet everyone in the course of only a few hours. It was great. (I know I already mentioned that...but it was !!!)

Saturday they all came over for brunch..... plus Jess and Danielle joined us so we had quite a full house. It was ....yes, you guessed it.... GREAT. We cracked up laughing at everything my brother in law said and just had a relaxed awesome time.

Saturday night was the concert... DEF LEPPARD, STYXX and FOREIGNER.. I will post more about that later when I download the pics... we had a blast...but more to come on that.

Time to get the day started....the coffee is perked and the sun is shining and Mads is my home... Damn, life is good..... no, it's GREAT!

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HOLMES said...

Mads, it was so great to meet you and hang out with you this week. Seeing you and Kelli together was a joy; what you two have is real and wonderful! Looking forward to seeing you in December. Hope you are able to stand being in Denmark until then, since they don't have any trees or water over there.