Friday, September 21, 2007

remember when I said LIFE WAS GOOD?

I was mistaken.....LIFE FREAKING ROCKS!!
After weeks and weeks of worry... and living with the unknown, I had my doctor's appointment on Wednesday afternoon. And let me just say, I COULD BREATHE AGAIN!
The results of my biopsy were BENIGN! They want to recheck everything in six months as a followup but the doctor said she was very confident that things were going to be ok! So I AM OK!! No worries!!
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I better understand now, though, how powerful this image is... it is not an image of fear, but rather of survival. You figure out, in the face of something so ominous, how to survive. Not survive the physical issues associated with breast cancer, but how to survive the mental and emotional drain that this horrible disease can have on you. You figure out how to rely on your closest friends and family and you figure out how you and the man you love will make it through this, no matter what the news is. Yes, I am relieved but I am even more committed to doing all I can to help find the cure. Mom and I were already signed up to walk in the Susan G Komen 3 day at the end of October and I can tell you that those 3 days are going to have even more meaning to me now. That which does not kill us truly does make us so much stronger. I feel like Mads and I can handle ANYTHING that the world throws at us now. Hell, we can even survive that little expanse we call the Atlantic...after all, it's just water!

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Nichole said...

Good good good good good.
I'm so glad that the results came back positive. You are so very lucky to have such wonderful friends and family to surround yourself with. I agree and think you and Mads will forever be able to handle any and everything this world throws at you both.