Friday, September 28, 2007

sitting in the 4th largest city in the US

Question of the hour: How can you be in the 4th largest city in the United States of America and still feel lonely??!!

Shelly and I arrived in Houston this afternoon-- <Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucketafter having an INCREDIBLE breakfast at Cafe Brazil. Our stomachs were full and spirits were high and we thought we were ready for anything...

Well, almost anything.
I don't think we planned for things like the SUV that nearly plowed us over in the parking garage of Love Field (granted, we were the PEDESTRIANS in this scene!). I don't think we planned for the extreme noise in the plane that felt like someone's window had to be down (hell, maybe it was!!)We also did not plan for the freaking humidity that greeted us the moment we stepped off the plane....did someone forget to announce to Houston that FALL HAS ARRIVED?! Nor did we plan for the cab driver that was driving us to our hotel who suddenly saw a pedestrian on the street that he decided he needed to attempt to as he intentionally swerved TOWARD the man on the street, our eyes widened and we sat there in disbelief. Was he trying to impress us with his mad driving skills?? Well the only impression he made was one that said "there is no way in hell we are tipping this man!!"

The hotel is great and the room is as well.... and the service.... well, listen to this and you decide about the level of service at the Hilton of the Americas.

Scene: 2 women in 1 hotel room with 2 laptops

Situation: Both women want to log on to the wireless connection at the same time but the hotel server cannot seem to handle two computers coming from the same room
so woman #1 does what any red-blooded American would do...she calls the front desk for assistance....

Solution: within FIVE FREAKING minutes of her call, EDUARDO, Hilton IT, shows up at our door... and works for a few minutes to solve the problem.... he says he needs help but he will be back.... a few minutes later, he does indeed return, this time with Mike in tow... and the two of them not only fix the problem, but they assure us that the 9.95 internet fee per day is ON THE HOUSE!!! WOW!! (They even got to say hi to Mads on Skype and the webcam while they were in the room!)

Now here is my thought on this scenario: #1) these guys freaking rock... I have never received that kind of personalized service before and I pretty sure I could get pretty accustomed to it!! and #2) PERHAPS places that SUCK like WALMART could take a few lessons from the IT guys at the Hilton of the Americas!

Now back to this whole notion about being lonely in the 4th largest city in the US.....It is quite simple!! Jeg savner Mads! As I walked into the airport today, all I could think of was "in six days, I will be walking into the airport to fly east instead of south... and I cannot wait!" This time next week, Jess and I will be in Herning, getting for bed so we can wake up and go and meet Mads' family...'s really happening!! I cannot stop smiling.
so yes, I am lonely...missing him so much, but SO looking forward to next week!

Ok....time to hit "publish post" so I can go do my Danish homework that Tine, my new Danish tutor, gave me last night.... will tell all about that later...
right now I am going to do my flashcards while I eat the chocolate that the hotel maid just brought us...damn, I love this place!!

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