Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday afternoons....

Definition of the perfect Sunday afternoon--- having nothing to do except hang out with the man you love (and of course, there must be a little soccer and football mixed in as well!)

We have spent today (and yesterday) together online with the webcams and Skype.... of course I would much more prefer that we are sitting on the same couch together this afternoon, but thank god for technology. He is as close to being here as possible. But things won't be like for too much longer. Within the next nine months, I intend to be sitting on the same couch at this address
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every Sunday afternoon with the man that I want to spend the rest of my life with. I am counting the months...and before long will be counting the weeks and then the days. I think about the new Kenny Chesney song "Never wanted nothing more".. and that just about sums up how I feel right now. This is what I want..nothing more.

Today was also a good day for the soccer team from Herning, FC Midtjylland... They kicked ass when they faced the 3rd place team today which puts them on top... or should I say in "førstepladsen". Mads was at the game and came home one very happy camper. Then I got to practice my Danish with him once the website posted the story. I actually did an ok job reading this short section of the article to him:

FCM tilbage på førstepladsen
Med en fortjent 2-1 sejr over gæsterne fra OB, kom ulvene tilbage på toppen efter at have udlånt pladsen i et døgn.

And speaking of Danish.... I AM SO EXCITED! I found a tutor at a place called "The Wooden Spoon" in Plano- She teaches Danish classes on Tuesday nights, but since I am in grad school on Tuesdays, I asked if she would be able to do private lessons...and she agreed! So the plan is to begin in the next few weeks! Hopefully I can take what I am learning on Rosetta stone and get some real practice!

Of course, I will have REALLY REAL practice in about 18 days...when I get to Herning!!! I cannot wait!

Ok, have to get back to the Viking... his tea is ready and he is back in front of me on the computer. Damn, I love that man.............

Have I mentioned lately how GREAT life is???

more to come....

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Nichole said...

I LOVE Skype. I can't imagine not having the technology we do today and living so far apart.

Good Luck with the Danish tutor! That's so great you found one!