Sunday, October 21, 2007

60 miles in three days

I am so excited about this weekend! I am about to embark on something I have wanted to do for years! Mom and I are taking the plunge and walking SIXTY MILES IN THREE DAYS
Our team of 2 is called "Mo's Girls" in honor of my grandma, MO, who is a breast cancer survivor. When we decided to do this a few months ago, we had no idea that the threat of breast cancer would touch my life as well. But as I think back to that day, on Sept. 19, when mom and I sat in my surgeon's office, waiting for the results of my biopsy..... it made our commitment to walk in the Susan G. Komen 3 Day even stronger. Thank god our news was good... no worries for us, but as we have talked to our friends about our upcoming walk, we have both realized how many families all around us have been effected by breast cancer. It's scary............
so that is why we are doing what we are doing... 20 miles a day for 3 days...we have matching outfits, we have raised ALMOST all of our money (however, if anyone still needs a tax write off for 2007, feel free to donate!) and we have been walking miles and miles throughout the last few months to get ready.

So when you wake up Friday morning and are about to drink that first cup of coffee, think of us out there, at Southfork Ranch, about to begin our first leg of the 60 miles at 730am that day. WE ARE PUMPED! Another cool thing about it is that our first day of the walk, October 26, is Dad's birthday... all the more reason to celebrate that day.

I have never before felt so great about my participation in something...wonder if the 3 day is held in DK so that maybe I will get the chance to do this again in the future!

So here's to "MO'S GIRLS".... and to finding a cure for breast cancer VERY soon... with each mile and each donation, we are one step closer to a cure....

Life is GREAT and I am blessed to have a mom that wants to do this with me! Can't wait till next Sunday night when I get to post our pics from the weekend!!

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Nichole said...

You two rock for doing this!