Friday, October 26, 2007

looking forward to porta-potties?

I never thought this would be possible? I have NEVER in my 37 years of existence ever WANTED to see a porta-potty...but after walking day 1 of the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer 3Day, I am a changed more ways than one!

Mom and I were dropped off at South Fork Ranch (yes, the one from the 80s DALLAS!) by our very handsome chauffeur. Even though today was Dad's 61st birthday, he was so sweet to wake up early and provide us with a taxi service.
There were people everywhere...but even more so, there was PINK everywhere! It was the most amazing thing!
The opening ceremonies were so fun... lots of great music and encouragement and of course, our opening stretches... but then the tone changed... it changed as we all turned our attention to the SURVIVOR's CIRCLE where 9 Breast Cancer survivors stood, hand in hand. As we applauded these incredible ladies, our event coordinator began talking about WHY we walk.. whether it's in honor or support or memory of someone special to us, we all have a reason to walk. Whether it's the daughter who lost her mom or the sister who lost her friend or the team of friends who walk for a friend that is struggling to survive but not able to walk herself. Or, here is the one that touched us all... It could be the man that walked today for his wife that lost her fight with breast cancer this year..... wow....... after the scare I had in September, I stood there thinking, oh god, this could have been me. Why I was spared, I don't know, but I know now, more than ever, that breast cancer touches every family in some way.

It was so amazing to stand there and witness this with was so special to experience those stories and the day with her!

We started out as group of about 3000 men and women at 8:15 this morning in Parker, Texas and our route took us through Murphy, Plano, Richardson and finally north Dallas...... the coolest part of the route was the PEOPLE along the way... on their porches, in their cars, in lawn chairs set up along the route... all there to ENCOURAGE the walkers. They had signs to cheer us along, candy to keep us going and stickers to place on our lanyards. We were so overwhelmed! It was amazing!
Our favorite part was when we got to downtown historic Plano and the shop owners who were out on their porches serving us fresh baked cookies. We even had time to stop and pose with one of them!
The day was amazing! We walked, we visited, we whined a little but in the end, WE MADE IT! We ended up walking 23.79miles today...... and our bodies were worn out. When we got to camp we thought the little hot pink tents that were set up were so cute, but we were so glad that our wonderful chauffeur was coming back to pick us up so we could sleep in our own beds tonight!!

Oh wait...that was not our ride home...that was the BOOB MOBILE that drove the route all day long, making sure we were ok....

All day, we saw the most creative slogans on signs and shirts and car windows, but my favorite is this one...based on the commercial for TRIX I will leave you all with this thought: "Silly Cancer... boobies are for boys!"
Cannot wait till day 2.... we will have more photos and more stories to share tomorrow!


journeyinfinite said...

Yay...walk on, grrlies :-)

The boob-mobile and the Trix slogan are so funny!

I'd better go...I feel a Lucky Charms metaphor coming on... ;-)

Anonymous said...

What a memory you have created with your mom! One of my friends in Chicago and I have talked about doing the three day together. Who knows...maybe next year?