Saturday, October 6, 2007

our first days in Herning.....

We arrived in Copenhagen at 545pm last night. The flight from Dallas to Paris to Copenhagen was easy with no problems! After the trip Shelly and I had last week, I think I deserved some easy travel!

Jess and I gathered our 92 KILOS worth of luggage and headed through security to find Mads waiting there for us. It was quite a reunion. Like I said I had just been with him but at the same time, like I had not seen him in felt great to walk into those Danish arms!

We made the trip from Copenhagen to Herning....where we arrived at the house around 930.... the house WAS GREAT, just like the pictures he had sent me, but there was on thing that was new and different and it was definitely my FAVORITE part of the house...take a look:
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We just hung around the house and had a couple of beers and then went to bed...... it really felt like we were home!

Today has been an incredible day! Of course, our first order of business was arousing the princess so we could head to the AZ department store to buy a flat iron and hair dryer. After my last experience in DK where my American made hair dryer blew the circuits in the hotel three times, I figured I needed to get one that had a European plug! So we made our purchases and headed home to get ready to go to lunch at the Nørgaards.

The funny thing was that neither Jess nor I was nervous about meeting them. We arrived and his mom met us at the car...and she was PRECIOUS! She immediately hugged us and made us feel right at home!! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket His dad was waiting inside for us and within only a few minutes had us laughing as he tried to convince me that he was speaking English to me... in fact he said "Don't you understand English?!! I am speaking English to you!!" We were ROFL.

We got to experience a REAL DANISH LUNCH that lasted about four hours...from the starters of shrimp and salmon to the main course of a vegetable pie to cheese tray for dessert.... and then we moved to the sofa for coffee and æbler kage... we were quite stuffed and very content. Everything was delicious!
Throughout the meal, Mads was our translator...he had quite a workout having to go from Danish to English and back to Danish. Every now and then, we could not quite figure out what word fit the best, so we had to rely on the dictionary.....
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The day exceeded EVERY EXPECTATION I was PERFECT! We ended the meal exchanging gifts.... We had brought quite a few things for his parents... including some real Cajun spices like Tony Chachere and "Slap ya mama".... I even brought her an apron from Louisiana with the slogan on it... we were cracking up as Thomas (his dad) talked about slapping her on the bottom when she was cooking!
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We left and headed back home....with the promise of seeing them tomorrow for lunch. His parents will be joining as well as Trine and Mogens (his sister and her husband) and their daughter, Rebbeca. Should be another great day.

The weather was perfect....a CRISP FALL DAY....the way it's SUPPOSED to be in October so when we got back, Jess decided to take a bike ride while I unpacked all the things I had brought to leave here in Herning.
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She kept saying she wanted to look DANISH while riding her bike so people would not think she was a visitor!! It was so cute!! She even did a great job finding her way back with no problems! Now, she is sitting here texting her friend Morten who lives in Lind (only about 10 miles away).... just like American teens...they would rather text back and forth than just call! LOL....I guess TEENS ARE TEENS!

Our evening is going to be relaxing... just hanging out with the three of us and watching a movie while we eat some FRESH CRABS that Mads got for us... He certainly knows how to get to the hearts of some Cajun Women...... So the three of us are sitting here, all of us in PJ pants and shirts... ready for a great night.

Oh one more thing... we got to give Mads his birthday gifts a little while ago... all kinds of goodies, but I think he was most excited about his MAVS PJ bottoms and his Nowitzki tshirt!! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

You know how I am always saying LIFE IS GREAT... well, yes it is.... but I feel quite certain that I can also say, "There's no place like home".... and I am definitely home. I just have to return to Allen for a few more months to pack the rest of my things ! :o) I miss you all, but I hope you all know how incredibly happy I am and how blessed I feel right now... the two most important people in my life are here with me and I could not be happier!!

More to come tomorrow!!


HOLMES said...

Every time I see pictures of you guys on this blog, I feel like I felt the time I went to the Nordstrom spa and the lady put my feet in rosemary-scented water. It smelled great and felt, well, wet... but being that content and relaxed made me see clearer, breathe deeper, and feel happier.

As it is with your blog. Seeing you all so happy makes ME happy!

So keep soaking up the Denmark-infused happiness! Feet first!

Love you and miss you!!

Nichole said...

Sounds like you have had lots of fun so far. You must tell Jess two things. First, If I saw her riding that bike around, I would have no clue she wasn't Danish. Second, when Michael saw her picture, he said, "She looks Danish!" Before he even knew that she wasn't. :)

Mads parents sound delightful. I'm so glad everything is going so well. Keep having fun! :)

Jakino...the Desert Rose said...

Love this blog entry. Had to say"Awe..." when I say the welcome sign. Mads is just too cool!!

Told my mom "the story" of how you two meet and her comment was "Well, he came to Texas for her. It's that simple!!" How true!

Enjoy the rest of your home visit and talk to ya when you make it back to the temporary dwelling!! :)

Kocak said...

And that is the way it should be! Bless you all!!!

I love you and miss you much!

Anonymous said...

Glad you are having a great time! I was envious when I saw Jess wearing a sweater. I would love a bit of chilly weather that required a light sweater!

I just gave Nala and Tequila a bath, so I better go and make sure they don't tear up the carpet trying to get my Herbal Essences Shampoo smell off of them.

journeyinfinite said...

The fall weather looks so nice there (tho I am a fan of the warm weather -- one of my quirks) -- it looks like everyone is having a blast!

I am so glad you are of my friends says, "Life's fullness is measured by times of connectedness, love, and joy."