Wednesday, October 3, 2007

T Minus 23.....

Ok, it is 8:15pm.... and we leave for Denmark in TWENTY THREE HOURS!! I cannot believe it..... It's a bittersweet anticipation..... all because of my two favorite guys!! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket I CANNOT wait to see Mads but Albert is not happy with me! He knows something is up....with all this luggage waiting by the door!!

Won't be too long before he is making this trip with me, but for now, I think he is mad at me!! LOL

I cannot wait to see Mads.... seems like he was just here but it also seems like I have not seen him in FOREVER! I miss him so much! Everyday we are apart, it gets harder and harder...... I want to be there NOW!!

So here I sit, watching "Private Practice"...the spin-off show of Grey's Anatomy.... my 3 bags are packed...the operative word is MY.... the princess is at work tonight until ten and has to come home and pack her 23 kilos!! (that's 50 lbs for you Americans!! LOL) At least her clothes are washed and in nice little piles on her floor! We are doing ROUND TWO of our "letting the airlines move us to Denmark" plan!
Two of the suitcases are packed full of books, dvds, extra clothes and coats that I plan to leave there. I had to save some room, though! For the PRESENTS!! Tomorrow is Mads' birthday so there are a few goodies in the suitcases for him, as well as some "texas" gifts for his parents and a Dallas Cowboys outfit for his new nephew, Kasper!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

"Round one" of our plan was in Sept. when Mads went home with a suitcase full of my grandmothers' quilts and my photo albums! Slowly but surely we will get our important belongings to our new home... the idea of paying to ship it all does not excite me! I am just worried about MY SHOES!! How on earth can I get them all there in stages, knowing I may want to WEAR THEM!! :o) Oh, the problem solving that must occur in this situation!

We have all kinds of things planned with Mads' family...just hanging out and visiting and getting to know them and letting them get to know us. I know they will absolutely LOVE Jess! Speaking of Jess.... I am so excited about her plans this weekend! She and Morten Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket ( a new friend she met through our exchange student friend, Kristina) are hanging out this weekend...including attending Jess' first HANDBALL MATCH!! I am so excited that she will have someone her age to hang with ....and someone to immediately connect her to Herning besides just Mads! It's going to be GREAT!!

We will be in Herning through Monday afternoon and then will head to Copenhagen for the remainder of the trip. On our way to Copenhagen we will stop at Køge to see Rene and Marianne. Rene is Mads' friend who brought him to Allen last October... exactly one year ago this week! If it were not for Rene, we would not have met the way that we did (The hopeless romantic in me believes we would have met since SOUL MATES HAVE to eventually meet!!) but thanks to Rene, it happened last year! So we will stop and visit them in Køge and drop off my "deliveries" to Rene.... a new iPod for his son and a pair of new tennis shoes. It was much cheaper for me to get them here in the states and just deliver them to Rene.... FedEx charges quite a fee.. I am doing it for a six pack of Danish beer!!

So here I sit... in anticipation.
Waiting to board that Air France flight at 7:15 Thursday evening.
We then fly to Houston to catch our international flight..... we land in Paris at 2pm Friday afternoon and after an hour layover, we are headed to Copenhagen where this really hot Dane will be standing there waiting for us !!

Yes, we will take MANY pictures and post as we have time. I want you all to see what we are seeing so that maybe someday you will want to come and visit us there!!

enjoy your weekend.... and remember, LIFE IS FREAKING GREAT!!!

Jeg elsker Mads og jeg savner Mads meget!
Imorgen Jess og jeg flyver i danmark på en flyvemaskine i vor ny hjem!
Treogtyve timer!!
Jeg har meget glad!!!

Husk.... texas nu, danmark snart!


Anonymous said...

I have an idea...why don't we start a program called "shoes to Denmark". If every friend of yours took one pair of shoes and mailed it to Denmark for you, we could diffuse the cost and make sure your feet stay warm in Europe!

journeyinfinite said...

Happy Birthday to Mads!!!

Nichole said...

I love the "shoes to Denmark" program suggestion! haha.

Just a few short hours now until that plane is up in the sky heading this way! Yea! Have a safe trip!

Mads, Tillykke med fødselsdagen!
Håber du får en rigtig dejlig dag.:)

Jakino...the Desert Rose said...

I agree with the crazy cowgirl. You are our pal, so we should help ya out because the shoes ARE the most important accessories!! :)

Have an awesome trip!!!