Monday, October 8, 2007

That's what I love about Sundays....

Before we get into Sunday, though, you have to see our Saturday night adventure in our pajamas with the crab legs from the North Sea... Papa Fontenot was DEFINITELY smiling down from heaven as he watched his girls dig into these crabs! It was a PERFECT SATURDAY NIGHT!! Crab legs, "Zoolander" and family....In the words of Kenny Chesney, "I could not ask for more...."
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Now back to Sunday....... I am not sure if Craig Morgan had any idea that his country song would become the title of a blog being written by a woman sitting in the bed in the middle of the Jutland Peninsula...but hey, at this point in my life, I am not questioning anything anymore!

Have you ever prayed that life would move SLOWLY?? Like really slowly so you don't waste or miss a single moment?? Well, lately I have been hoping against all hope that life would move at lightning speed so I can hurry up and get to Denmark, but as Jess and I spend these days in Denmark, my perspective on the speed of life has changed least momentarily!

Sunday was the day for a "traditional Danish lunch"... Jess giggled each time Mads would mention it... maybe it's because we Americans hardly have any traditions anymore?! Sad isn't it?! But each time he would mention the menu, she would just smile at me.... It was adorable.

Speaking of Jess... I have to say before I get into the events of the day that she has really acclimated to life in Denmark. I know it's only been a few days, but her attitude about Denmark and about being here with Mads has been WAY BEYOND my dreams or expectations. I always tell people she is the kind of kid who can adapt to anything and anyone...that she is accepting and open-minded and just basically loves all people...well, this week she has proven me right. I have been so proud of her. Watching her interact with his family (even in the midst of a language barrier) has made me want to reach over and hug her each time she says something. I can tell you one thing for sure, she absolutely LOVES Mads' mom....

We spent the morning preparing things together.... any by "things" I mean the real TRADITONAL DANISH LUNCH of "Snaps, pickled herring, dark bread, mackerel, tuna, shrimps, Lever postej (that's pate and mushrooms and bacon, for you Texans!!), and Flæskestej (pork roast...but not quite like I make it!!LOL)" Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketIt was great...another adventure lasting several hours with lots of chances to say "Skoål".... "Cheers"...and there goes another shot of SNAPS! :o) It was a blast!
Lots of great conversation and lots of fun! Mads' brother in law, Mogens, helped alot with the translations so that my sweet Mads did not get as tired as he did on Saturday!! LOL... Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketWe talked about everything from my career in education to the American health care system to golf!! (I can see us, someday in the future, with Mads, me, Mogens and Trine going out on a Sunday for a foursome!!) The day was GREAT! Every now in then Jess would interject something in a way that only Jess can and I could just see his mom and dad just smiling at her...not only from their lips, but in their eyes as well! Especially when she was brave enough to try the pate!! (Since she had already tried this dish in France 2 summers ago, we could not fool her and tell her it was anything other than liver!! But at least she was a good sport...since she could not pull the "Vegetarian" card like I could!!)Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

It was also great to get the chance to hang out with Mads' niece, Rebecca....she is only 12, but was a full inch taller than Jess!! She was a little quieter than most of us...just taking everything in, but I could tell that she and Jess would get along great in the days, weeks, months and years to come! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Lunch ended 4 hours later and after cleaned the kitchen, the three of us headed to Lind, to the handball arena... Ok, if you have never seen handball, you need to add it to your "things to see before I die" list... It was one of the most amazing things I have ever watched. I truly thought it would be like raquetball without a racquet on a small court... but I was not even close! The athleticism of those 7 men on each team was... well, amazing. It was like a combination of soccer, hockey and basketball... It was SO FUN to watch!! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Of course, we were not just randomly in the town of Lind to watch a random game of handball... our motivation was to see Morten! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Morten and Kristina (our exchange student from Herning who is in Lewisville right now) are best friends so Kristina has been connecting Jess and she would have a friend here... it was a great day!! We got to watch him play and then sit and visit for a while afterwards. And of course, after we left the arena, he and Jess were back on the cell phones, texting!!!

Our night ended with a Blockbuster rental and PIZZA!! Jess was AMAZED at how yummy the "Viking pizza"....(seriously, I am NOT making this up!) was!! It was loaded with sauce, cheese, sour cream (or the Danish version of it!), shredded chicken and kebab! Her words "this is the best pizza I have EVER had!!!"

So life is still great... time for bed...
Mads is working for a few hours Monday Jess and I will hang out around here until 10ish...then we head out to the "WALKING STREETS OF HERNING"... where we will take some breakfast in a cafe, shop a little and then head over to the Alm. Brand Bank to meet all of Mads' colleagues. I have a feeling we will have all kinds of photos to post afterwards!

Then it's off to Copenhagen around 2ish... we will stop at Rene and Marianne's house in Køge and then check into the hotel for the next two nights...more to come about our new life in DANMARK! :o)


Nichole said...

Mmmm, crabs, pj's and a movie! Thats a great Saturday night.

I love reading about yours and Jess's adventures in Denmark thus far. I can't wait for you to move so your always writing about your life in Denmark!!

I love Danish lunches, because they are always so much more then just eating. So wonderful.

Have a good trip over here to "Sjælland" today!!

Nichole said...

P.S. I dig the new picture up top

HOLMES said...

Could you talk more about the bacon, please?

journeyinfinite said...

You guys look so happy!

Jess looks adorable!

All the Danish people are nice- looking people!