Tuesday, October 30, 2007

warning: Blog contains PG13 language

Ok, I have a picture from the 3Day walk that I did not want to post with the rest....this picture deserved a posting of its own as did many of the thematic shirts we saw this weekend. And once you see it, I think you will agree.... it is pretty creative, in my opinion and it's QUITE TIMELY! First... the shirt.... and then I will explain!

I hope that no one thinks badly of me for liking this! :o) Even my mom (the woman who I warned Mads NOT to drop an F Bomb in front of!!) thought it rocked!!

now.... here is why this was so timely. A week ago I got an email from Coach Stewart, Jess' US History teacher... I was expecting to open it and find a message similar to : "thank you for sharing your daughter with us! She adds so much to our class!" but no...the message was slightly different!
First, a little information--- this was on a Friday and that night, Allen high was scheduled to play Plano WEST-- one of our big rivals.... Now for his email: "Please make sure that Jess does not wear the shirt she wore to school today ever again... You may not be aware that she, along with several other 11th grade girls, had on a shirt whose message said 'WUCK FEST'... and by the way, if she has a shirt for next week's game against Richardson High School that says 'Ruck Fichardson', please don't let her wear that either."

The mother in me blushed from embarrassment, the principal in me frowned from disappointment but the rebel in me said "that's my girl".... yes, I am terrible, I know. The shirt has been disposed of and she never has to know that this was SOOO like something I would have done in high school!

now back to the shirts.... I think back to the day I got my biopsy results, I could have EASILY seen myself walking out of that dr. office saying the same thing: