Monday, November 5, 2007

friendship comes in all forms....even comes in pjs!

I have been thinking alot about friendship lately and about what it adds to our lives if it is done right. Over the years I have had many people come into my life --some of those have stuck by me and some have drifted back out for various reasons.....then I think about the friends that Mads-- the ones he has had since KINDERGARTEN! wow... What an incredible testament to these men. The fact that their friendship has withstood so many years is just amazing to me!

I think about the friendships I have with my mom and my sister and I just feel so blessed.
They have known me longer than anyone and love me in spite of who I am !! :o) They support me and love me, no matter what. Not because they have to...but because they CHOOSE to! You really can have friendship within your family! In fact, I believe you SHOULD!

Then I think about my new friends that I have made over the last few months-- the ones I have met online, mostly, I am just in shock at how small the world is. I remember that day that I googled "Danish lessons in Dallas" and stumbled across a blog called and there I found Nichole-- my new friend that is a born and raised Texan who is now living in Denmark! Through this amazing thing called technology, I have found a friend with so much in common with me and the best part is that I GET TO MEET HER on November 24. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket I cannot wait!! To know that I will have a new friend when I move to Denmark this summer just makes me SMILE! :o)

And then there are those friends who go through the GOOD(sharing the news of my impending move!), the BAD(sharing the changes at work that I thought would send me over the edge) and the UGLY (sharing the moments in the ER with my butt on a pink plastic tub, waiting for a pelvic exam)... these are the friends who you can tell anything to and they won't judge you and these are the friends who will tell you if you have spinach in your teeth or gum on your pants. And best of all, these are the friends who will show up for a Friday night of Phase 10 in JAMMIES..which proves how truly COMFORTABLE you are with each other.
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I keep telling my friends not to worry about my relocation.....after all, the Atlantic is just water and with everything we have been through together, how can we let a little thing like water keep us apart?!! I love them all more than I can even say....and I know they will keep on being happy for me because they know I am "going home" to spend the rest of my life with my very best friend of all--Mads Thellufsen Nørgaard, the man who completes me.



Nichole said...

Awe!! I'm so glad you found me too and really can't wait to meet in you just a couple weeks. YEA!!! Without saying that I'm dressed up for Halloween, I look like a crazy person in that picture!!! HAHA

Friends are so wonderful to have. I actually have noticed (oddly enough) that after moving abroad the first and this time as well, many of my friendships strengthened. Including the ones with my family. I don't know how or why, but magically they did. :o)

Anonymous said...

Perhaps I know more than any other person on your blog how you can develop a "neighborhood" of friends online. I have my little German neighborhood of friends...Sandra, Kathy, Sonja, Tanja, Nikki, Ellen, and of course Dirk:D

These people and these friendships are just as important and just as real to me. I remember chatting with "meine maedels" one night. I cried, they typed. I think I had found out one of the tenors I liked had a girlfriend...ha ha j/k. Anyway, it will be fun when you move to Denmark because now I will have another online friend to have chats with late at night, when everyone else in Dallas is asleep :D