Monday, November 26, 2007

Jul på Tivoli

First... I hope I used på correctly... I still cannot, for the life of me, figure out when to use either i, til or på.... the fact that these 3 little prepositions are so confusing to a former English teacher is embarrassing!

Ok.... the night following the wedding (well, not "the" night...but the part that occurred OUTSIDE of the hotel! LOL)

Wedding and celebration over, we made plans to meet Mads' friends (I mean, OUR friends) at 5:30ISH at the hotel where Rene & Marianne were staying. The best part was explaining to Kenneth what ISH meant...

We left the girls at our hotel, in bed, watching season 2 of Grey's Anatomy (can you believe they traveled across the continent and that was the extent of their Friday night activity??!) and met Kenneth & Christina and Rene & Marianne at the hotel bar so that we could then make our way to Tivoli.
First let me explain who everyone is....

In the words of Rene at the wedding: "This is all my fault"...yes, he is the one that brought Mads to Texas in October 2006 (and the rest is history!) Rene and Marianne live in Køge, about 20 minutes north of Køberhavn. This was my first time to meet Marianne (pronounced "My-Anna"--although she told me she liked the way I said it like the southern "Mary Ann"! LOL) ...anyway, after knowing Rene for a little over a year and thinking he is absolutely precious, I figured out in about 5 minutes of being around Marianne that she is just as precious as he is ! They are absolutely delightful and I can see us being friends with the 2 of them for many years to come!


My first time to meet them was at the wedding but the way that Mads talks about them, I felt like I already knew them. And everything he has said about them is true...they were GREAT! We had such a great time getting to know each other and I instantly felt at ease with them. The thing I will always remember about them was an email that Kenneth sent to the two of us after we asked him and Christina to be our witnesses at the wedding...he said to me "Welcome to our friendship gang".... I don't think he knows how much those 5 words meant to me.....knowing how close I am to my friends here, it made me feel so great knowing that Mads' friends would get to become my friends!

We hung out at the bar for a little more than an hour, being entertained by our Australian bartender!And even though you don't typically tip in Denmark (did you know that?!), we tipped him! He was GREAT! With our tummies warm from the liquor, we bundled up and headed to Tivoli. Instead of me trying to explain what Tivoli is, here is a link for you to check out yourselves...
And no, it's not like Six Flags over Texas!!!
We got there and the only way to explain Tivoli is truly is like a Christmas land....
they say you go to Tivoli at this time of the year for the breathtaking decorations and the delicious things to eat and drink.... and "they" were right! It was amazing!

We walked around, looked at the sights, had gløgg og æbleskiver (which are these apple pancakes that you eat with hot red wine-- forget the wassil at Christmastime...I will take gløgg from now on!!) and then of course before the night ended, we had to ride at least one ride! The temp was somewhere hovering around freezing, but Mads, Kenneth and I were up to the challenge.

(this was just like the Superman ride at Six Flags!)

The night was perfect.... filled with Christmas spirit and incredible friends. Knowing I will have amazing friends on two continents is a pretty great feeling!


HOLMES said...

Everybody in Denmark knows how to tie a scarf. Americans do it and we look like we are trying to make a noose but gave up midway and decided to just LIVE.

Anyone else notice this?

journeyinfinite said...

The Danes do seem rather gifted in scarf flair. Kelli told me Mads said that there is no such thing as cold weather, only people who don't know how to there ya go.

I had a Denmark fix when I saw Beowulf this weekend. Lots of Danes and heading to Valhalla and all... :-)

Nichole said...

Yay, Tivoli!

How did you like that ride? I always like watching it fall and hearing everyone scream :)