Monday, November 12, 2007

Mit bryllup er om ti dage!!!

Ti dage til mit bryllup!! Can you believe it??!!

Jess og Danielle og jeg går for danmark om fem dage og vi er meget spændt!!

I have a list of things to do before Saturday morning at 8:45 AM...but at least one thing is not on my list...
Next to the one that says "bryllup kjole" I can mark it as "DONE"!

(The one without the head is because Robbin said that Mads cannot "see me in the dress before the wedding"!!!)

Mads told me I was a little stressed yesterday..and I tried to tell him that it is slightly stressful planning a wedding from 5400 miles away! But really, I am not stressed... I am just trying to make sure all the details are handled. He has been so great... I make the list, and he does it.....he is absolutely precious!

So here is the list for the days leading up to MIT BRYLLUP--
#1- PACK tonight (12/11) just our suitcases of actual stuff-- the extra bags are done!) Remember my strategy of letting the airlines move me??! Well, since there are 3 of us going this time, I have THREE EXTRA BAGS at 23 KILOS EACH!! I just hope Homeland security does not open them.. they will think I have lost my freaking mind! For instance, I have my golf clubs in the travel bag (but that only weighed 30 pounds) so I used my other 20 pounds by shoving the bag full of: 4 pairs of SHOES, Nicholas Sparks books, Sex and the City DVD collection, and a FOUR POUND JAR OF JIF (don't ask!)

#2- GET JESS TO PACK! (which is code for pick up the clothes off her floor and determine which are clean and which are dirty--and then wash the dirties and put the clean ones in a suitcase!)
(and go to class on Tuesday night...UGH! As if I have time to think about my dang PhD this week!!)
#3- Nails on Wednesday (14/11)
#4- Danish lesson on Thursday (15/11)
#5- Eyebrows & Hair on Friday (16/11)
Get Albert and Emmitt's supplies ready for Heather to come housesit
#6- Fly out at 8:45am on Saturday (17/11) & Arrive in DK on Sunday (18/11) at 9:15am
#7- Look at the shirts and ties that Mads bought to see what matches my dress best
#8- Monday AM (19/11)--rings and flowers confirmed in Herning
#9- Monday PM-- go to Mads' mom's house to pick out my "something borrowed" for the ceremony! I actually emailed her (IN DANISH) and asked her for something to wear for the ceremony.
#10- Tuesday (20/11)--cook Thanksgiving dinner for his family!!! (Gotta throw in a little American since I did not have enough on my list! Am I nuts?!?!)
#11- Wednesday (21/11)- Pick up Rings after they are engraved
#12- Thursday (22/11)- Pick up flowers-- take the girls to the train so they can ride it to Køberhavn! We will drive ahead in the car so we can get checked in to the hotel!
#13- Friday, 23 November, 2007-- 12:45pm-- The big day!!

someone at school told me today that they can actually see the STARS in my eyes... I am 37 years old and am more excited about this than I have EVER been about anything before.

Of course there will be many blog updates along the way...with the culmination on the 23rd, so stay tuned!!

thank you to my amazing friends and family for their love and support....their validation just confirms that I am doing the RIGHT THING.

Jeg elsker min venner og min familie og min Mads!


HOLMES said...

Your list... it makes me.... happy and stressed out at the same time?

Four pounds of Jif. WOW.

All of your dates are European!!!

journeyinfinite said...

You look gorgeous every day, and you are even more beautiful in your dress!!!

PS -- I love when you post pictures with Albert peeking in :-)

Unknown said...

My name is Tina, I got to your blog thru Nichole's where I had thanked her for all the great pictures of Copenhagen. I'm a mum of 2 young kids and had been feeling a bit house-bound, since it has been such a long time since I've been travelling and her photos and experiences really motivated me to start planning a home exchange. Then I see your blog and you are also moving to Denmark. My mum is from Herning! It really is such a small world - amazing how people can connect. Best wishes for a wonderful adventure,

Nichole said...

You are BEAUTIFUL!!! I absolutely love that dress!!

You are a BUSY girl! Your list makes me ever so glad that planning my wedding is SOOOOoooo far gone. I don't envy you! ;)

I hope you won't hesitate to ask if there is anything else you might need me to do for you from CPH. :)

Unknown said...

Oooo have a great trip!!! (I was happy to be able to read and understand your intro...heehee). You look so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Thank-you so much for posting the pics and everything else. It is so nice to feel like a part of this journey with you...and so exciting! I love the dress and I totally understand about the peanut butter!