Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Shopping with the girls in Herning

The three of us slept in today and woke up just in time to get ready for Rebecca's arrival for our Girls' day of Shopping in Herning.
Around 13:00 we set out.... the wind was cold but we were all bundled up...ready for anything!

The walking streets of Herning are where all the shopping is as well as a few markets and several cafes. There are no cars allowed in this area, so it is quite nice. It is a much smaller version of the Strøget in Copenhagen (which we will teach Danielle all about this weekend!)

The first stop we had to make was at the jewelry store so that I could pick up our wedding bands...we chose titanium ones..they are so light and the most unique color. They engraved them this morning--- we decided to put 23-11-2007 on one-half of the inside of the band and then when we have our church wedding in the future, we will engrave that new date on the other half. Although the picture is not the are our rings (they will look better once they are on our hands on Friday!!)

After the jewelry store, we stopped inside a cafe for some lunch, and then once we were quite full, it was time to shop. I knew that Mads would laugh if he knew the store I chose first...
"SKO BOUTIQUE"....since he thinks I have WAY too many shoes. My friend Nettie even suggested a campaign where each of my friends mails one pair until all my shoes get to Denmark... but I cannot help it! I LOVE SHOES!

The other thing I LOVE to shop for is coats....and now that I am moving to a cold climate, that fetish will come in quite handy! Speaking of cold climate, we also saw the ice skating rink
that the town brings in each winter. Maybe Mads and I can go skating on it when I return in January?!

We had quite a fun time converting European sizes into American sizes... but the one thing the girls did great at was converting the price in kroner to dollars. They were quite the mathematicians. And of course, they had no problem finding MANY things to try on...Rebecca and I just stood and watched in amusement!

We finally decided it was getting too cold to shop... the sun was not out and the temp was easily 0 degrees...not counting the windchill, so we wrapped back up and headed home for lattes. But first...a quick stop at Alm. Brand.. the bank where Mads works. How convenient that it is in the area of the Walking I can shop all day and meet him for lunch! LOL

The girls are now on the couch in sweats, watching DVDs of Grey's Anatomy. The interesting thing is that Rebecca says she watches it too! Denmark is one season behind America, but as long as keeps my new episodes loading each week, I should be ok!

Tonight will be a quiet night...packing up our things to head to Copenhagen in the morning. The girls are traveling by train and Mads and I will go in the car with all of our things. The plan is to check into the hotel just in time to go and pick them up from the Central station. We have quite an afternoon and evening planned once we get there! (and of course, that includes many many photographs!)


Unknown said...

I can't believe what a diligent blogger you are while in DK. It is so fun reading your blog while you are there—I'm loving it!

Ellen and Sharon said...

I understand that you are meeting Nichole and Michael on Saturday! Give them a big hug for me. Hope you have a safe, uneventful trip to Copenhagen! I've loved reading your adventures. Happiness comes through every word that you write.

Nichole said...

I have a coat fetish too. It takes every ounce of energy I have to not buy every cute warm looking one I see. I'd say we should go coat shopping sometime, but Michael and Mads might disagree. ;)

I love the picture of you outside of Mads work! You look like you are ready to be there everyday to pick him up after work. Seeing the girls hanging out on the couch is pretty cool too. Jess looks like she will be happy call that couch home for good!

So, good news and bad news about Grey's Anatomy. Because of the European IP address, it isn't possible to watch the up to date tv shows from over here (copyrights to Europe) Good news is, there is a way around it....But, I haven't tried it yet and have just settled for using iTunes. I'll get you the instructions when your ready for them :)

journeyinfinite said...

It looks like you are having such a wonderful time :-D That Thanksgiving dinner in Denmark was adorable!

I am having a blast in NJ, and my little nephew is so much cute!

Have an amazing rest of the week Mrs. Mads!!!

HOLMES said...

We survived Thanksgiving!!!

I think I took about four hundred pictures. The bird turned out AWESOME; I was really proud of Joe!!

Sure do miss you. Hello to Mads!!

Marianne said...

Hi Kelli and Mads!

Congratulations!!! I hope your wedding day was wonderful!

I haven't gotten around to commenting until now because I wanted to read more and figure out who was who of your friends and family. I will probably have better time for that when we get back to Denmark in 6 days.

(FC Midtjylland is also my nephew's favorite team. (He lives in Holstebro.))