Saturday, November 17, 2007

step DTW airport

I tell you what..the more I travel, the more airport codes I learn! In case you don't know what DTW means, here is a visual to help you out:

and I know they say things are bigger in Texas, but lord.......are things smaller in Michigan??!!

We are in the Detroit airport....ate their version of Mexican food for lunch and are now at our gate, spread out over about

10 chairs and ready to wait for our next leg of our journey.

The girls are plugged into their iPod, our shoes are off and we are just waiting.... the weather here is dreary but as long as it does not affect our 4pm departure to Amsterdam, I don't care!

We did get some bad news when we deplaned... Allen High is playing Rowlett at Texas Stadium right now... we are 10-0 and they are 5-5 and this is round one of the playoffs (oh, did i mention that we are predicted to win state?!) well when we landed in Detroit, the Eagles were down 36-7....... and it was not even half time! So hopefully by the time we board for Amsterdam, we will get a new text that says "Yes, our players have pulled their heads from their butts and are now winning!" We will see........ gotta love that Texas high school football!

Mads is in Copenhagen tonight, waiting for our arrival.... I hope he is ready for all 3 of us at once! We may look like the Beverly Hillbillies as we cross the Storebælt bridge tomorrow with all this stuff...but hey, we ARE from the south...


Nichole said...

I'm loving the hourly updates on your where abouts!

Even though I never went there, or really ever knew anyone that went there, the fact that I did live in Allen for 1 year, make me obviously root for Allen! Hope they can make an amazing comeback!! GO EAGLES!

Enjoy your long haul flight!

MoMo 2.0 said...

dude...we lost! 37-32..they had an amazing comeback but could not pull it off! SO SAD! At least our coaches get their Thanksgiving week off now.... lol

HOLMES said...

I don't even want to think about "their version" of Mexican food... ICK.

Jess looks like she just flew in from the Bahamas!!

journeyinfinite said...

Be safe, try to sleep on the plane, and then have a blast, Kelli, Jess, Danielle!!!

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving, too!

HOLMES said...

And step two is "put your junk in that ba-ah-ahhxxxxxx"

Kevin said...

I'm from Michigan. I know DTW, and I know that all Mexican food up there SUCKS and the weather is almost always dreary.

That's why I live in Texas now.

And by the way -- CONGRATULATIONS!