Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Texan reunion in the middle of Denmark

Saturday, November 24th was a great day.
Not only was it our 24 hour wedding anniversary, but it was the day I finally got to have a real person to go with a story from a blog!

I first met Nichole online in September, when I googled "Danish lessons in Dallas" and we have been online friends ever since. She and her husband Michael came to Denmark because of his job with Texas Instruments...imagine that. Working for TI in the middle of Europe! She is from El Paso, he is from Lubbock and they have been married almost four years. They went to DK the first time with TI before they were married and stayed about a year so Michael could finish his PhD....then they came back to the Dallas area (SPECIFICALLY ALLEN!!!!) for some work with the Dallas office and then they were sent back to Denmark a little more than a year ago. They live in Lyngby (the same town as Mads' brother), just outside of Copenhagen in a house that proudly has their Lone Star flag displayed.

Well after 3 months of talking online, we finally met...or as Nichole says, our two blogs collided in real life!

It was incredible. The four of us were just totally at ease with each other--the conversation was great and the time passed so fast! It was so nice to sit there with my new TEXAN friends in a restaurant in the middle of Copenhagen. We have already made plans together for when I move.....things like a chili-cook-off, Halloween party and Thanksgiving dinner...and that is just the beginning! I can already see us taking the train to Lyngby to stay with them for a weekend and them coming west to Jutland to stay with us....... The possibilities are endless. I had so many expectations about this day and about meeting Nichole and once I met the real person, those expectations were totally exceeded! She rocked!

We have so much in common....besides the fact that we are both in love with really tall, really sweet, bald guys.... We had an instant connection that will last us for many years to come!

Saturday was also our chance to show Danielle a few of the sights that CPH is famous for....the little mermaid, the royal guard and Danish hot dogs....

It was a great day to be in Copenhagen with friends, family and my new husband!


Nichole said...

"We are both in love with really tall, really sweet, bald guys"

You ROCKED too! :)

I love that you always visit The Little Mermaid when you are in Copenhagen. Cool little tradition! Years from now, you will have a nice healthy collection of Little Mermaid Photos! :)

Ellen and Sharon said...

Both of those bald guys are REALLY cute, too! Glad you all could enjoy some time together before you had to come back to Texas.