Sunday, November 18, 2007

the Texans have invaded Jutland

WE MADE IT!!Each flight was on time and was easy! No delays, no turbulence, no problems! Detroit to Amsterdam was 7 1/2 hours... and Danielle did great on her first international flight!

They served dinner pretty early after departure... I had the vegetarian meal and Danielle had the chicken... Jess wanted the chicken but Danielle got the last one on the plane! So Jess got the Vegetable Curry with couscous and salad. I thought it was yummy.........she was SOOOO NOT IMPRESSED! After dinner, I became the drug supplier... tylenol PM for the girls! They both started watching a movie and within minutes were snoozing. They each slept at least four hours of the trip so it was great. I did not take any medicine myself because I NEVER have problems sleeping....but this time, I SHOULD HAVE TAKEN THE MEDICINE! I slept about 45 minutes total! I just could not fall asleep (wonder if it was all those wedding thoughts rushing through my mind!!). I read my new Nicholas Sparks' novel, I practiced my Danish and I watched "No Reservation", "City of Angels" and "The Wedding Singer". Needless to say, I was worn out by the time we got to Denmark.

Mads was there waiting for us and all our bags when we exited baggage claim. I don't think I have ever been so happy to see him. FIVE WEEKS WAS TOO LONG to be apart.......
We loaded up in the station wagon he borrowed from a friend and headed west. It took all of about 10 minutes before our passengers were OUT!

We took naps when we got home and then got up to shower and unpack. We look ALOT MORE REFRESHED! It is amazing what clean underwear can do for one's outlook!!

Now we have just ordered Jess' favorite VIKING PIZZA for dinner and then after dinner, the girls are going to Morten's for a night of Playstation and hanging out!


Jennifer said...

Yeah! Glad you made it without any problems! Give Mads a big hug for us! Love you!

Unknown said...

Yay! The adventure begins. I had the grossest greasepot hair when I got off the plane in Copenhagen. :) I bet you are SO excited to be there!

HOLMES said...

Re: the books in the picture... I am so American that it never occurred to me Bill Clinton's book would be printed in another language. DUH.

Glad you made it! Enjoy that cold weather since it is like SUMMER here.

Anonymous said...

Have an amazing, exciting week! I love your updates!

Ellen and Sharon said...

Glad the trip went smoothly. Even if you had taken some Tylenol PM, you probably would not have slept anyway!
Have a great trip and congratulations on your marriage.

Nichole said...

Look at those two girls looking so cool and Danish!! :)

I never feel cleaner then when I take a shower after a LONG day of flights.

Have fun!