Sunday, November 11, 2007

a weekend with the Rogers' girls

My sister, Jennifer, was in town this weekend.
We try to plan things like this every few months and now that I am moving in seven months, I have a feeling we will plan them as often as possible!
She arrived Friday night around 9:30pm so it was really too late to go out-- instead we opened up some Smirnoff Ice and watched "Knocked up" and ROLLED ON THE FLOOR LAUGHING! I had seen it before-- she had not-- but we both just needed some mindless humor that we did not have to actually think about. It was a great night!!

Saturday it was a shopping reunion with the 3 Rogers' girls. (Dad was smart enough to opt out! LOL) We headed to Frisco, ready for a day together at the mall. I decided today we would have a photographic journey of our day-- so as I took this first shot of us in the parking lot, not only do we look like we have never been to a real mall before, but we also look overwhelmingly Asian,
thanks to the TEXAS SUN that was accompanied by temperatures
of about 78 degrees in the middle of November!

We were looking for Christmas gifts as well as chances to snap a picture at random moments. We decided to be like "Jess" with the whole "we need cute boots to make us look European!"
And of course, when you buy cute boots to wear in Denmark, you gotta have a hat to keep you warm (or is it to be a fashion statement?!? LOL)

We people watched (including a VERY MANLY woman shopping at women's fragrances in Nordstrom's... god, we got a lot of mileage out of that one!), we made all kinds of jokes that no one got but us..and we had a GREAT day! The best part was finding things in the store and discovering NEW ways to use them-- for instance- these cute furry wine bottle gift bags would make great hand mufflers for a Danish woman or great boxing gloves for a "Mad black woman"!
Shopping actually wore us out... and so what do all good American women do when they are at the mall and worn out?? Hello...... is that a rhetorical question or what?

We left the mall to head to mom's favorite store-- Steinmart. Not a place that Jennifer or I frequent that often-- but I swear, every time she takes us, we buy stuff!! So off we went... I was instructed that I could not buy anymore coats or shoes -- Mom said she was trying to help Mads out by not letting me buy anymore!! Well, within minutes, I asked mom what in the world we were doing at STEINMART'S! And her answer was: "You have to SEARCH for the treasures...keep looking...they are here!! "
and guess who found the MOST TREASURES!!!!!!

She is always right!!!

The greatest scenes of the day occurred when the 3 of us went into one of those handicap accessible dressing rooms know, the really big ones?! and started to try on matching clothes. It was a riot!

We decided it was "beginning to look a lot like Christmas" with our red and green attire. I am sure the women working in the dressing room thought we were nuts!

Our last adventure of the day involved a true "Rogers' girls' tradition." When we shop together, mom always buys us all 1 matching thing-- usually it's a purse-- but since the purses that J and I wanted were DOONEY & BOURKE, she opted for getting the 3 of us matching scarves. So even though they will be worn in Dallas, OKCity and Denmark, each of us knows in her heart that somewhere in the world is another Rogers' girl who looks like she does! :o)

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Nichole said...

You three look like you have an absolute blast together! The dressing room craziness is great. Too Funny.

I love the tradition of buying one matching thing. How cute! We are actually planning on watching Knocked up tonight. I can't wait. We haven't seen it yet. :)