Friday, December 21, 2007

American Christmas Traditions

I had to wait to post this...until my husband was in the air, headed this way.
Well, he is, at this moment, sitting in the Chicago O'Hare airport, waiting to board his connecting flight to Dallas, so now I can post about an American Christmas Tradition that I am going to bring with me to Denmark when I move.

I cannot wait for the adventure of going to the forest to get our own live Christmas tree... I cannot wait for the ambience created by having real candles on the tree... and I cannot wait to experience the whole "walking around the tree" thing that the Danes do............. but I also cannot wait to bring our STOCKINGS to hang at Haraldsgade 1, Herning Denmark.

From what Mads tells me, they do have stockings (or actually socks) that they hang out their windows at Easter time, but I will be able to teach them about how we use our stockings here in the states for Christmas.

Now for the reason that I had to wait to post about the stockings until he was in the air, headed this way....

I cannot wait to see Mads' face when he gets here in a few hours....when he looks around the apartment, remembering everything from before....looking at the Christmas tree and ornaments (and the presents underneath, I am sure!!).... and then he will look over to the bookcase next to the tree and see the stockings.... and then he will realize that there are more stockings than there are people who live here... and then he will look closer and see the stocking that has been embroidered with his name.
I cannot wait!

Our entire life together will be about learning each other's cultures and traditions ....sharing about things that have meaning to us. Things like Thanksgiving turkey, Christmas duck and now stockings....... the next fifty or sixty or seventy years will be filled with learning and I cannot wait!


Ellen and Sharon said...

Awe! Have a wonderful vacation! Enjoy your first Christmas as husband and wife! It is an exciting time for you. Merry Christmas!

HOLMES said...

The stocking holder is perfect!!

journeyinfinite said...

Awww...adorable stockings!!!

I have always believed in finding your own path and truth when it comes to traditions, etc. It is so exciting to learn about many cultures, beliefs, and philosophies, and putting your path together with things that uniquely resonate for you!

Nichole said...

Love the the stocking you got for Mads. So cute!

It will be so fun for you two to incorporate different aspects of the American and Danish Christmas's together. This is our third Danish Christmas and our Christmas's have a lot of Danish influences now, but I imagine it is so much more fun and exciting when one of you is actually Danish! :) So will you leave milk and cookies for Santa or risengrød for nissen? Or both perhaps? :)