Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve Day in Manhattan

Wow........ I don't know what other word to use to describe our day. I have been to New York before, but never at Christmas time and never with someone that I am in love with !! :o) Makes all the difference in how you see things!

Our day was so full-- since our flight was so delayed in Chicago yesterday (SEVEN HOURS to be exact), we did not arrive here until 9:45 last night...which meant that yesterday's agenda had to be integrated with today's plan....

So now, here we both sit, in the hotel room, wearing our matching Dallas Mavericks PJs, exhausted, but content. The best part of the day is that other than food, we only spent $10... for our subway passes..... we had prepaid for our hotel and our tickets to Rockefeller Center...coming to NYC when you have already paid for things months in advance is the best way to go!!

Hope you enjoy our photos as much as we did experiencing each place!

Started our day from our hotel-- the of the oldest hotels in New York city....
....first stop---Grand Central Station.
We only had to ask one time about directions ..and then we totally had it figured out! We made it to the Financial District where we planned to spend a few hours. There is just something really cool about buying a gingerbread latte at the Starbucks on WALL STREET!!

Mads at the NY Stock Exchange

Me at my own personal version of the stock exchange

Construction at Ground Zero.... there was something very awesome about standing here
that I cannot put into words.

At Battery Park, looking at Lady Liberty

Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge

Then we made our way back to the we had an online date with the Nørgaard family back in Herning, Denmark. What we ever did before technology is beyond me, but I have a feeling that we are the FIRST ever to be in New York city, on Skype and the webcam, watching our Danish family "walking around the Christmas tree" singing Højt fra træets grønne top.... it was so cool! We spent about twenty minutes online with Mads' family and felt like we were almost there. And in other technologies I spent all day on the cell phone texting mom and Shelly and J updating them about what we were doing, so they knew the play by play... what we did before these conveniences is beyond me....

We bundled up and headed back out, just as the sun was going down. Our ultimate destination was Rockefeller Plaza but we decided to take FIFTH AVENUE to get there (along with 2.4 million others!)
Mads had his first experience at Saks (the original)

The 30foot tree at Rockefeller Plaza

Our plan was to ice skate at the Plaza, but it was also the plan of about 8million others....everyone there was either someone who had gotten a REALLY GOOD DEAL from Korean air for Christmas in NYC or some American mom who was pissed off at her kids because it was so crowded at the we just opted for lots of photo opps!

We ended the night with our trek up seventy floors of the Rockefeller Building to the observatory...for a night time view of the New york was amazing. That is the highest that Mads has ever been in a building before so it was quite an experience!!

So now, here we our Mavs PJs, worn out, but totally satisfied about our day. Tomorrow we tackle the Empire State Building and Central Park and Times Square...and we cannot wait!

Merry Christmas Eve to you all!
Love, Mads and Kelli


Ellen and Sharon said...

We are exhausted just reading all that you two have done in just one day. I am not sure that two old ladies could have done all of that in a week! We loved the pictures of all the places. How wonderful to be in New York City at Christmas, even if it is with about 8 million other people. Merry Christmas!

Nichole said...

The pictures are great. NYC looks so beautiful at Christmas time. You two certainly did and saw a lot in one day! Skype is wonderful isn't it?


HOLMES said...

That Christmas tree is GORGEOUS as is the inside of Saks!!

Mad props to you for being able to text with gloves on!

Miss you.