Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas in Manhatten

We are on our way!!!! We left the apartment in Allen at 4:15am this morning to catch our 6:30am flight to New York City... headed to Christmas in New York. We have an incredible stay awaiting us at the Mansfield Hotel in downtown Manhattan and 3 fun filled days wandering through the sights of New york...........however, in order to get this great hotel and cheap flight on, we had to agree to a connecting flight in Chicago......well, in August, when we booked that, it seemed like a fine idea. But today, December 23, the middle of winter in the northern USA, can I say, "connection NOT a good idea?" Because here we here at 8:45am.....and schedule to depart with the delays at 3:11pm. But our spirits are still in tact and we are looking forward to our trip!

Now if that obnoxious voice comes on the PA again to announce another delay, I may have to rethink the whole "christmas spirit" but for now, we are ok! LOL

Don't have much time to type though, since we are about to go and use our $10 AMMENITY coupons the airline gave us for lunch!! We will take many pics and tell many stories about our days in the BIG APPLE, so stay tuned!


Nichole said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for no more delays! Do you hear me obnoxious voice on the PA?? NO MORE DELAYS!

journeyinfinite said...

Have a safe and wonderful time once you arrive -- arrrgh ... airports and delays are so frustrating when you are excited to get to your destination! NYC will be so incredibly fun this time of year!

You guys are so great together...and thank goodness you have a sense of humor about your incredibly goofy friends! We are so happy for you we can't help joking around just to make you guys laugh!!!