Sunday, December 9, 2007

Finding this years Christimas tree

Yesterday it was time to go to the forest and pick out the Christimas tree for my mom and dad. As I told you, this is an old tradition that we have been done in our family as long as I can remember and we really enjoy doing it together.

We arrived to the forest and had a look around to make sure that we picked the most beautiful tree there was ...

... And suddenly ... There it was !!!
... dad picked up the tree and went over to the "tree-man" to pay for this years Christimas tree.
So now the Christimas tree for this year is found and is standing back at my parents house and next week they are bringing it inside to the livingroom, so it can be decorated. Next year it will be Kelli and I picking out our Christimas tree and I know that she is excited about that already ... And so am I - to our first Christimas together in Denmark! :o)


Kelli Nørgaard said...

I read this as I sit and look at my tree that came from a box...yes, it's lovely, but the idea of bringing a tree home from the forest.....well, I will be able to tell you all about that next December! I cannot wait!

HOLMES said...

Man, our plastic-tree-making companies need to get their shiz together; that one you got out of the forest looks so REAL. I know it IS real, but it looks like what a Christmas tree is supposed to look like.


Nichole said...

That looks like so much fun to go pick out your own tree in the forest! I think you guys got a perfect looking tree!

Jakino...the Desert Rose said...

Love the family trip for the tree. We do that too but it is not near as cold for us since it involves us all going to the garage or the back closet for our tree!! Haahaa!

Looks like fun! Just be careful with those active candles!! Make sure a fire extinguisher is always handy! : )