Wednesday, December 19, 2007

how 'bout them mavs???

Jess and I have our "thing" as I am sure all moms and daughters do.....some pairs shop, some discuss literature and some even knit....but "our thing" IS THE MAVS! We started this 2 seasons ago.... got a few tix to a few games... and even ended up at the playoff game in June 2006 where Dirk had his career high score. We bought a season ticket package last year and attended more games than I can remember. Almost every pic we have together in the last two years is us in MAVS GEAR!!

Sadly tonight was our first game to attend this season as our first three games were all nights we happened to be on another continent....but tonight got our tradition going again and we have many games ahead of us before this season ends. We donned our MAVS gear and headed south to the AAC... knowing our night would consist of 2 things-- EXTREME CHEERING with our seatmates in our section who sat with us all last season and COTTON CANDY! And we were not disappointed.

Within minutes of being there, it was time to get the party started.... take a look!

We did make one modification to our cheering rituals though...considering the fact that I am now Mrs. Mads Nørgaard... we figured this sign from last year was not appropriate anymore:

The night was a great success because not only did our boys kick some STEVE NASH ASS in the last few minutes of the game, but we got our cotton candy..... AND our EXTREME CHEERING! Within the next several months we will have many changes in our lives... I will be moving to Denmark this summer... Jess will be preparing for her last year of high school and getting ready for college and life will continue to happen all around us, but I know that no matter where the road takes us throughout the next several months and years, the MAVS will always be our thing we can come back to with each other... and for that, I am thankful.

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Nichole said...

You two are adorable together in your MAVS gear! The sign is great... even if it had to be retired.

It looks like it was crazy in the AAC. The video was awesome. We aren't the biggest BBall fans but we would certainly love to see the Mavs play if we end up back in Dallas in the future.