Sunday, December 30, 2007

Mads' first family Christmas

What an incredible day it was!
Our day to have Christmas this year was December 27-- once Jess got home from her dad's. My sister, Jennifer, and her family came down from OKC and we all met at Mom and Dad's for the day (and night!!) We had to explain to Mads how our Christmases work in our family.... We start the day with snacks for lunch and just kind of graze at the bar all afternoon while we play games and hang out.

This year was a little different though since Mom had decided to give our traditional Christmas a Danish twist, so our game time was cut a little short so that she and Mads could prepare the DUCK for our Christmas dinner! In an effort to help him feel at home and not feel sad about missing Christmas with his family in Denmark, she got Taimi (my mother in law's) recipe for "Jule And"... the Christmas duck!

Dinner preparations were underway and the gang continued playing SCENE IT Music Edition-- girls against the boys.......and for the first time in the history of our family, the BOYS WON!! I guess the extra help from the new Danish addition to the team helped!! :o)

After an afternoon of games, we all sat down to our Rogers' Julemad (Christmas Dinner).
During which, of course, Jess, Campbell and Michael kept wanting to know when we were opening presents! Dinner was great....everyone loved the duck and all the rest of the fixings!!! We finished up and then Steve, J, Mads and I kicked mom and dad out of the kitchen so the four of us could do the dishes (forgetting of course, that the Christmas china must be hand washed!!) In less than 20 minutes, our Washing Team had it cleaned up and it was time for the tree!

Jess and Michael passed out the gifts to each person and then our family tradition started. Campbell opened her first gift...then Michael...then Jess....until we got to PaPa Mike... and then we started again. Campbell kept pointing out to us how patient she was being!! She was adorable!

Everyone got everything on their wish list....I got season 7 of Will and Grace, Jess got a new pair of UGGS, Michael got a motorized Lego set, Mom got a new bottle of Isabella Christensen perfume from Denmark, Steve got some yummy smelling cologne from France, Dad got a book of the 50 golf courses you must play before you die, Mads got an iPod shuffle and Jennifer got a new Coach wallet.....and Campbell...well Campbell got the greatest surprise of all.

Watching her face as Dad wheeled that bike around the corner was priceless...especially when she kept asking "Pa, where did you find that bike at?!"
The day was perfect. Knowing that I will be spending Christmas 2008 in Denmark, I must say that I could not have asked for a better Christmas in 2007.


journeyinfinite said...

Absolutely adorable -- what a fun day for you all!

All the pics are so cute (Btw -- did you see little Albert checking out the presents in the background of Mads and your pic?)

Happy New Year! :-D

Anonymous said...'ve been busy! It looks like your holiday was magical! I got a new laptop so I was disconnected from the world the last week and had a lot of catching up to do! Glad to see all your pictures! Thanks for the birthday wishes. I had a great day!

Ellen and Sharon said...

Magical! That is exactly the word to describe your holiday! We loved seeing Mads in his new Cowboy gear! Happy New Year to you and your family! May God bless you in your coming transitional year.

Nichole said...

What a fun Christmas!
Your niece seems just adorable by your descriptions and her pictures. I'm so glad that your Christmas was so great and will be something to hold on to and look back at next year.