Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Friday night is still DATE night

Mads had many many "firsts" on this trip to Dallas!!
Christmas was over, but we still had many plans before he headed back to Denmark.
First on the agenda... date night with Jennifer and Steve.
We searched the Dallas Morning News for a fun place to go for dinner and somehow in the conversation, we discovered that Mads had never been to a hibachi restaurant. So after a quick phone call to Benihana for a reservation, we were set........
It was a blast! More of a multicultural experience than our trip to Rockefeller Center....since our Hibachi chef's name was CARLOS!! He assured us he was from Japan, Mexico!

The 4 of us at Benihana

Steve and our very efficient "drink filler-upper"

Jennifer and Steve

Me and Mads

After a yummy dinner of Japanese Cuisine, we headed to the West Village for a drink...or was than "another drink"??
We ended up at the GINGER MAN, a yuppy bar in uptown where I am confident I was the OLDEST person there! They had 150 different beers on tap....it was a GREAT PLACE!


and their husbands!

and Steve with his stogie...

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Nichole said...

I LOVE hibachi resturants and it has been FAR too long since i have been to one.

Date Nights Rule!