Thursday, January 24, 2008

Headed HOME in a few days

I am writing in Danish daily now, so for this (and future) blog entries, I will write in Danish and English so that 1) I can practice, 2) My inlaws can read the entries and 3) Mads can have additional opportunities to edit my writings to help me get better!! (But before I begin todays entry, I will update you on the tattoo...everyone thinks the L-L in the middle looked better, except for Jess! So I am going to keep playing with the design between now and March when I get it to make sure it is just what I want!)

Jeg tager til danmark i seks dage.... jeg er så klar!
Min hjem og min mand er der.... og jeg ønsker at være der også!

I go to Denmark in six days.....I am so ready!
My home and my husband are there....and I want to be there also!

Mads er meget travlt at lave huset klar for mig!
Først han lavede postkassen klar....

Mads is very busy to make the house ready for me!
First he made the mailbox ready...

Næste han behøvede at gå i IKEA fordi han bragte hjemme hele min juleting på December og han havde at organisere dem i kæleren!

Next he needed to go to IKEA because he brought home all my Christmas things in December and he had to organize them in the basement!

Mads arbejderede for to dage at bygge hylder i kæleren og rengør det og nu det er klar for hver ting jeg bringer fra texas!

Mads worked for two days to build shelves in the basement og clean it and now it is ready for everything I bring from Texas!

Den kun ting savnet fra Haralsdgade 1, Herning er mig og min mange sko men jeg skal ankomme tre kufferter fuld af sko...klar at se min mand og klar at være i min hjem!

The only thing missing from Haraldsgade 1, Herning is me and my many shoes but I will arrive soon.....with three suitcases full of shoes....ready to see my husband and ready to be in my home!

Texas skal altid er min først hjem men jeg kan ikke vente til juni (kun fire måned fra nu) når jeg flytter i min ny hjem i landet af danmark!
Texas will always be my first home but I cannot wait until June (only four months from now) when I move to my new home in the country of Denmark!


Ellen and Sharon said...

What a sweet post! How nice that Mads is readying your home for you. He looks like he has had a good time doing that. Good luck to you both. We love reading your blog, Nichole's blog, and Lyndsay's blog very much. You are all Texas girls who are or will be living in Denmark. We think that is pretty special.

MoMo 2.0 said...

Baby ... You belong here together with me and I can't wait for you to come here in 6 DAYS and in 4 months ... To stay for good - at least for now :o) Who knows ... Maybe we will one day come back to America and live there. What a beutiful future we have to look forward to! I love you so much, Kelli Ann!

Nichole said...

You two are so sweet together. :)

Unknown said...

This is the cutest house!!

Anonymous said...

I wish I could find a man to build shelves for all my shoes :(