Thursday, January 3, 2008

Mads vs. Dirk

Yes, everyone.... we have not only retired Jess' "DIRK MARRY MY MOM" sign, but we have also baptised Mads with his first MAVS EXPERIENCE!!
Mom, Dad, Mads and I had great seats last Saturday for the Mavs/Hawks game. It was the first game for all 3 of them!

I was like the tour guide of the AAC! It was a GREAT DAY!
Mads was decked out in his Mavs gear that he got for his birthday and he cheered
in all the right places!! Even knew just when to say "DE-FENSE"!!!
The only thing that I was not able to convince him of was that bud light and pink cotton candy are the greatest combo on earth!! But hey, there's always next time!!



Nichole said...


You two are always doing the coolest stuff when your together. I guess next on your list is a MidJylland game!

Jakino...the Desert Rose said...

Love all the Mads Mavs gear and the fact that hardly anyone is wearing a coat to the game and it is January!! Lord, I miss me some warm weather! : )