Saturday, January 5, 2008

A night of friends, pajamas and the oboe

Considering that we had to go back to school this week on Thursday and end our too short Christmas break, we decided the best way to end the rough week was with friends and pajamas....oh yeah, AND our friend, David, was in town from Baltimore to see his family for the holidays so we lucked out and got to hang out with him for a few hours as well! He is in Baltimore, getting his master's in the oboe, waiting for the opportunity to join some famous symphony!!

Appearing tonight was:



Oh yeah, AND how could I forget....Queen Butterscotch!

I admit this was just what I needed to avoid going home on a Friday night, feeling sorry for myself because my husband is 8000km away...I hope did ok by not talking about MADS the entire time... I tried to limit my comments! Especially since the night was supposed to be all about David, our resident Oboeist! (Even though we seemed to have a problem getting him into all the pics!!)

We did absolutely nothing all night, except visit (and of course take photos!!) and it was great. The night would not have been complete, though, without Shelly's world famous Rice Krispie treats!

The night was great.........but a little bittersweet, as well. As we sat there talking and gossiping and just being silly, I realized that I won't have very many more of these to share with my friends. .... Only five months until I move...only five months to have a chance to make memories with the people I care about .... but on the good side, only five months until I join my husband in our home in Herning, Denmark.

Wonder if I will be able to convince Mads' group of friends that Pajama nights are the best way to end a tough work week? If not, Shelly will just have to bring the laptop to all future gatherings so I can join in with them on Skype... in my pajamas, of course!


HOLMES said...

So much fun. That might be the only non-demonic picture of Butterscotch that was taken that night.

I normally do not comment on my appearance in pictures, because I don't really get worked up about pictures... but in that one of all five of us, I look like one of those women that works the lot at the truck stop. Actually, I look like I just got OFF work at the truck stop, took a few hits off my bong, then set up a meth lab. It could be worse, though... half my face could be missing, like David's.

David said...

I had an awesome time yesterday!! It was fun catching up!
Thanks for the laughs...

Oh, and Shezebel, don't flatter yourself. Had I shown my teeth in any of the pics you'd think that I owned said truckstop! ROFL


Ellen and Sharon said...

We can only imagine what you will be going through during the next few months. Good luck to you. It sounds like you know exactly how to keep yourself busy. Isn't SKYPE wonderful? Have a wonderful new year.

Nichole said...

You have the most fun looking group of friends. I love the Pajama night concept. "Det er fedt!"

When we come visit, we will let you host a pj night Danish Edition with us. I know it won't be the same without your DFW buddies, but we will be as fun as we possibly can! We'll call it, "Sovetøj Nat"!