Friday, February 29, 2008

Sick, sick, sick, syg, syg, syg.....

These two items have been the mainstay of my existence the last 72 hours. I woke up at 430am Wednesday morning with the flu. Did not know it was the flu until last night...thought it was just a 24 hour bug, but after 24 hours passed, I knew that was not it. I cannot remember the last time I have EVER been this sick. My mom reminded me that about 17 years ago, I was like this for about six months..... but since then, I am just not a sickly person. I get headaches, I get bronchitis every couple of years and I get female issues every now and again, but THIS?? This is CRAZY!

Who can have an existence of saltines and gatorade? The dr. told mom that the number one concern with this is dehydration and considering that I went for more than 24 hours without going to the bathroom, I am pretty sure I was a prime dehydration candidate.

I actually missed work for three days this week! And if tomorrow was not Saturday, I have a feeling, I would be missing day 4 since going to get the mail with Albert nearly did me in! I guess this was a good test to make sure that the school can carry on after I move!! The building is still standing and the children are still being educated! So I guess they CAN do it without me!

So here I lay on the couch (needed a change of scenary from the bedroom)...on my 47th episode of Everybody loves Raymond.... feeling sorry for myself, waiting for my nurse to hurry up and get off work so she can come home and keep me company...from a distance of course, since I am still contagious!


Jeg er syg. Jeg vågnede op onsdag klokken halv fire syg....meget syg med den "flu".
Jeg ikke gå i mit arbejder for tre dager. Jeg var ikke syg oft.... kun med hovedpine eller aldrig med den "flu". Det er rædsom!
Jeg er dehydrere fordi jeg kan ikke drikke eller spise noget undtagen "Gatorade" eller "SALTINES".
Jess er min barnepige... hun vil at særge for jer er smitsom!
Jeg håber jeg er bedre i morgen....jeg har brug for energi fordi lørdag er min dag på SKYPE med Mads!


Unknown said...

Oh no!! I hope you feel better! If you need a good movie to watch while you are getting better, rent Once. I loved it. :)

Ellen and Sharon said...
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Ellen and Sharon said...

Oh, Kelli, we wondered if you were just too busy to post or if you were sick. We are so sorry. Please take care. We hope you can still get together with Nichole. Get well.

HOLMES said...

Let's all say it together, shall we?

At least you didn't have to be sick in the faculty restroom.

Praise THE LORD.

Nichole said...

God Bedring Kelli!

Jeg kan heller ikke lide at være syg! :(