Sunday, February 17, 2008

Crisis solved!

Mads just returned from a shopping trip at IKEA in Århus! He went with a list and came home with not only the list completed, but a few extras as well! All of you will be happy to know that he went with the intention of taking care of my shoes!

I think he has this "how to be a good husband" thing already figured out!
The plan is to install a large rod next to the armoire in our dressing room and on that rod will be these little jewels:
He got three of them so that 30 pairs of my shoes can hang nice and neatly at a time. The ones that are out of season will go in a plastic tub in the basement and then as the seasons change we will rotate them out! So the shoe crisis is averted! Some shoes will stay in there year round, but most will rotate with the seasons, and if I did my math correctly , there is actually room for a few more pair...JUST IN CASE!

He also bought a new dresser for all of our clothes that do not really have a place in the armoire.....because even socks, underwear and pantyhose need a home! The new dresser is awesome and has radically transformed our dressing room....

turning into a sitting room/office space where I can totally see myself sitting with a cup of coffee to read or chat online. He did GREAT!

In the last few days we have also solved our one other crisis that has been plaguing us for a few months. As you know, we are using the airlines to move me as much as possible, which means that the stuff I am taking to DK must be able to fit into some type of suitcase. This takes care of about 99% of what I am taking with me... but there is one thing that just will not go into a suitcase...
the painting that hangs above my couch.

I bought it from one of my former students who has since gone on to an art school in New York City. When she displayed it in her senior art show, I fell in love with it...and who knows, maybe someday she will be famous! ANYWAY....the dilemma has been how to get my painting shipped to Denmark without paying an exorbitant amount of money. All my friends have known that this was the only non-suitcase item we needed to send and we have all tried to figure out the best way to get it there for a cheap price! Well, we consulted my brother in law who works for a logistics company last month while I was in Herning. We described the painting to him, hoping he could give us an estimate on the cost to ship it with his discount... and he said the most profound thing we have heard in months!
"Since it is stretched canvas on a wood frame, why don´t you just remove it from the frame and roll it into one of those travel canisters and you can just carry it on the plane? Then you get it remounted here in Herning." Mads looked at me... I looked at him... and he said "I cannot believe Shelly did not think of that!" LOL Shelly is my most creative friend who totally thinks of things that no one else ever considers..... so after I shared the idea of the canister transport with her, the creativity began to flow again...

SHELLY: I have a GREAT IDEA! Roll the painting into one of those canisters and then fill the canister with PEARL TAMPONS! It won´t make it very heavy and you can probably get hundreds in there!
ME: PERFECT! Mads can take it back as a carry-on item with him in March!!
MADS: Are you kidding? What will they say when I go through customs??!!
SHELLY AND ME: Don´t worry! We will put a link to on the label so they just think you are really creative! If not, tell them you are a hemophiliac and your dr. prescribed these!


Kelli Nørgaard said...

Picture this ... Me going through the airport with this travel canisters under my arm that contains Kellis painting and 700 of her PEARL TAMPONS and now I just need to pass the customs, because I have nothing to declare ... but no no no! I am being pulled over for inspection and then my nightmare really begins! I can already picture two big guys asking me these questions: "Why are you bringing 700 tampons to Denmark" (we better check him for drugs!)or "700 tampons! What are you? Some kinde of pervert!?" LOL :o) So you can probable imagine that I am thinking of different things to say if I am pulled over for inspection ... I am open for suggestions! What a man will do for he’s wife! LOL :o)

Nichole said...

LOL. Oh, I sure hope Mads doesn't get stopped. Imagine what the people are going to think as that thing goes through the x-ray machines!!

Mads is without a doubt, a good good man.

Things are all coming together so perfectly! :)

Ellen and Sharon said...

Kelli, you are so funny! Good for Mads to be so helpful. We were laughing so hard we nearly fell our of our chairs.

Ellen and Sharon said...

OUT of our chairs. OOPS.

HOLMES said...

Tell the airport security people that you are on a vaginal unification mission for the world, and step one is for Denmark to start selling plastic tampons!

Anonymous said...

Maybe he could say the high altitudes of flying give him nose bleeds..