Monday, February 4, 2008

Dagen ved havet

Our day at the sea...

We woke up today, ready to head west! I was so excited about getting to finally see the North Sea...The idea of living in Herning, only 45 minutes from the border of the North Sea is amazing! And driving through the countryside was awesome! Windmills were everywhere!

Did you know that Denmark exports 80% of the world´s windmills?? Not bad for such a tiny country!!
We stopped in Ringkøbing first....a small farming town on the west coast of Jutland where one of our exchange students in Allen is from. I needed to take a photo of her hometown to send to her on Myspace as promised!

From Ringkøbing we headed to Hvide Sande....White Sands! I was amazed at all of the houses that dotted the landscape! Mads told me that in the summer, these "sommerhuse" are filled with people, as is the beach!Germans, Norwegians and Danes, everywhere, enjoying the beautiful summer weather.

The greatest thing about the beaches on the west coast of Denmark are the WW2 German bunkers that dot the entire coastline. We saw several today but Mads told me about the ones we will see this summer when we travel north. It was amazing to me, that sixty years later, they are still in tact.

Just to show you how big they are.... here is one with a Viking on top of it!

It was a GREAT afternoon... and made me look even more forward to the days ahead of me where I get to tour the Danish countryside!

After we returned to Herning, we headed to Trine and Mogens´(Mads´sister) for dinner. It was a great evening together with them and Mads´parents. Dinner was CRAB CLAWS for our starter...then a salmon dish that was absolutely amazing! Living in a country where seafood is so available is going to be perfect for this Cajun girl!
The night was great and gave me multiple opportunities to work on my Danish and to interact with min svigermor og svigerfar! They are precious people and I am so lucky to have them in my life!

So now as my family and friends in America are finishing their work day, I am headed to bed..... tomorrow is my last day in Herning before I head back to the states... we are grocery shopping to find comparable brands for the things I am used to buying and then coming home to work on organizing the house... so I am sure I will have much to share about my shopping experience...which will, of course, include photos!


journeyinfinite said...

Aww...such nice pics!

Are there any old time Viking legends about those beaches in your pictures?

Anonymous said... time you go to the Danish grocery, you should get some Knoppers! They're these awesome hazlenut chocolate wafers. Love'em!

Nichole said...

I love the Jutland countryside!! It's so different then the countryside over here. I'm also so relaxed over there. I'm jealous you are so close to all the summerhouses.

Did you know that the concrete used for those bunkers has always failed to be replicated? As you said, they are all still in tact after so long, but no one can seem to figure out the "recipe".

What a fun day for you. You look so happy and seem like you fit in perfect with Mad's family and in Denmark!

Again, let me know if you can't find anything at the stores!