Thursday, February 21, 2008

Preparing for the move.....

Note: I am going to go back to my practice of writing the blog in English with a Danish help me practice my Danish and to make it possible for Mads´ parents to read it! So here we go.....

I remember the month of October when I was saying "I am moving to Denmark next year." I remember December when I was saying "I am moving to Denmark in the summer." Now it is Thursday, February 21 and I have realized this week that this is not next year or next summer..... I am moving to Denmark in 117 days.....4 months.....16 weeks. And the fun begins!

Jeg husker måneden Oktober når jeg sagde "Jeg flytter til Danmark næste år." Jeg husker December når jeg sagde "Jeg flytter til Danmark i sommer." Nu det er torsdag, 21 d. februar og jeg virkeliggører denne uge det er ikke næste år eller næste sommer.... Jeg skal flytte til Danmark i syttenoghundrede måneder.....seksten uger. Og morskaben begynder!

For the last few months Jessica has been trying to decide if she was going to move to Denmark with me or to Stephenville with her dad. Well, as of last Tuesday, the decision has been made....she will be moving to Stephenville when I leave for Denmark in June. Of course, I hoped she would come to Denmark with me, but I completely understand her choice. Denmark is far away. Her friends are here. Her boyfriend is here. Her life is here and I understand that. And although I am completely dreading the day I board that plane without her, I realize that just because moving to Denmark is the best thing for me, it may not be the best thing for her.

For sidste måneden Jessica er tænker om hvis hun vil at flytte til Danmark med mig eller til Stephenville med hendes far. Sidst tirsdag hun besluttede at flytte til Stephenville når jeg flytter i juni. Jeg håberede hun kommer med mig men jeg forstår hendes valg. Danmark er fjern. Hendes venner er her. Hendes kæreste er her. Hendes liv er her og jeg forstår. Jeg er frygter dagen jeg flytter uden hendes men jeg ved flytter til Danmark er bedste for mig men det er måske bedste tingen for hendes.

The next sixteen weeks are going to be so busy. My list of things to do before I leave is huge and there are so many details to remember. Todaÿ´s item on the list said "VET". Albert and Emmitt had to get their vaccinations in preparation for the move. The entire vet office was very interesetd in our upcoming move. I find that is the case everytime I tell someone new where I am moving. Well, 371 dollars later, we made it home with everyone vaccinated, and Albert scheduled to have his teeth cleaned and his Identification Chip put into him in two weeks and now the boys are laying on the rug, exhausted!! We will not have to go back until May when we are ready to pick up our sedation medicine in preparation for their flights.

Næste seksten ugeren er meget træt. Min "at lave" liste er meget stor og de er mange ting at huske. I dag min liste sagde "DYRLÆGE". Albert og Emmitt har brug for vaccinationer at være klar for Danmark. Min dyrlæge firma er meget interessant om hvorfor jeg er flytte til Danmark. 1855 kr. senere vi er hjem. Albert skal har hans tander rengøring og hans "ID CHIP" indrykker i to uger. Nu drengeren sidder på tæppet, meget træt! Vi har ikke at gå tilbage til Maj når vi er klar at have vores sove medicin for flyvemaskinen.

Emmitt will go to Denmark in early May. He will be flying on his own on a direct flight, with Mads on the other end, waiting for him. He will have a chance to get settled into the house before Albert and I arrive in June.

Emmitt skal flyve til Danmark i første Maj. Han skal flyve uden mig, med Mads venter for ham i Danmark. Emmitt kan sætte sig til rette på huset før Albert og jeg kommer i juni.

The next sixteen weeks are going to be full....not only with the many, many things I must do before I leave the US, but more importantly with sixteen weeks of trying to make the most of every moment that I have with Jess before I leave.

Næste seksten ugeren er meget mange tingen jeg må lave før jeg lever den U.S. men mere vigtig, jeg har seksten uger med Jess før jeg flytter.


Stephen J McGinnis said...

I think you should tell me more of what you think about her :) and our talk needs to come sooner

HOLMES said...

Emmitt has the satisfied expression of a cat who has just been given expensive wet food and then licked the bowl clean.

Marianne said...

I'm sorry that you'll have to leave your daughter but it certainly is understandable that she has decided to stay.
But today it's not THAT bad living so far apart with blogs, e-mail, IMs, cell phones, Skype.
I remember being so afraid that my sister would decide to stay in Colorado after living there for a year in 1990. When it took about 3 weeks for a letter to cross the Atlantic it was hard to stay connected.

Ellen and Sharon said...

We understand that Jess decided to stay for her senior year. It would be really hard for her to move. As mothers, we know that day will be very difficult when it comes time to say, "Good-bye."
It sounds like you all have thought of everything. Do your pets still have to endure quarantine when they arrive?

Nichole said...

You next few months are going to fly. I know you'll cherish every moment with Jess before you move, and I can say that while its not the same, technology is so great and makes you feel so much closer than you actually are. I can't wait to meet your sweet animals in person! See you soon!