Saturday, February 9, 2008

Sko, sko, sko......

Translation... shoes, shoes, shoes!

I found a link to a campaign in the Middle East that definitely peaked my interest! Take a look:

Of course, how I view this statement is, I am sure, not what the program´s creator intended! He is attempting to make a significant difference in Iraq.... and if you read about his efforts, it is just amazing. The way that one person can affect change like this is always an encouragement to those of us that want to get involved, but are unsure how.

Now, back to my own personal connection to this campaign´s theme....
Most of you know that I am struggling with how to get all my shoes to Denmark, and then once they are there, where in the world we are going to put them! Several months ago, my friend, Nettie, had the idea that if we could not get all my shoes packed and loaded in my suitcases each trip, then each of my friends could ship one pair until all my shoes were there.... I LOVED this idea!

So now, it is time for an update about "MISSION SKO!"
To date, I have 23 pairs of shoes at my new home in Herning, Denmark. Of course, we had to line them up on the floor because they would not fit in the armoire.

And I guess it would be good if I could tell you that this is all my shoes...except for 2 pair that I kept in Texas to last me the next four months, but alas, that is just not so....

Currently, in my closet in my apartment in Texas, are 23 more pairs awaiting transport. Many will leave Texas in March with Mads...the rest will make the journey in June. It would be great if all I had left were flip-flops (which are my most favorite things to put on my feet anyway....) but no, I have boots, dress shoes, tennis shoes and flip flops left. (and this is even after I cleaned out my closet and took a load of clothes and shoes to a local charity 2 weeks ago!!) So the shoes that are left are KEEPERS!

So Mads has 4 months to get the addition to the armoire built... and he ought to plan for more than 46 spots....just in case I run across a "SKO UDSALG" that I just cannot pass up!


Anonymous said...

Kelli, if you bring me a pair of shoes,I'll still mail them for you!

HOLMES said...

Think how many tampons you can stuff into your shoes!

I smell a Guinness World Record....

journeyinfinite said...

Shoe Poem For Kelli from Jenny

Shoes, shoes, shoes,
I love you so much,
Your buttery leather,
Is so lovely to touch.

Sparkly or shiny,
Shoes are so the bling,
Oh, magnificent shoes,
You're simply my everything.

Come with me to Denmark,
Away shall we fly,
To mystic lands afar,
My viking, my shoes, and I.

HOLMES said...

Tampon Limerick for Kelli from Shelly:

There once was a lady from Allen
Who recently removed all her talons.
When in Denmark, she roared,
At the tampons of cardboard
Because Pearls get more miles to the gallon.

Nichole said...

Your friends are hilarious.

Jakino...the Desert Rose said...

You folks are crazy...and oh so intelligent!! I like Nettie and Shelly's comments. Send/give each of your pals a pair of shoes. And we will each send you a pair to your home ALONG with a little something we might think you need. Just think of it as a long lost friend, your shoes, in conjunction with a care package from those who love you!!!

So, start thinking who to give which pair of shoes, and we will all start thinking about which "Allen" item to send your way as well!!

Love ya and miss ya!! : )