Thursday, March 20, 2008

Cajun Family Adventures Part 1

This trip to New Orleans was not just about getting together to celebrate all those important dates in our family....the MAIN reason was to introduce Mads to what it means to be married to a Cajun woman! Mom and I decided that he needed the full, music, culture, language...the WHOLE DEAL! And what better place to learn it all than New Orleans!

We arrived in New Orleans at 830am Sunday morning and got back to Dallas at 4pm Wednesday afternoon, but I can assure you that we had more fun than just 4 days and 3 nights worth! Our first stop on arrival... MOTHER´S RESTAURANT. The kind of place people stand in line outside to get into and Sunday was no exception.

Now I am a REAL Cajun girl... I suck the heads on crawfish, I can drink beer at 730am and I know that the most important dish of ANY meal is RICE, but what I saw on the menu at Mother´s shocked even me. Our choices were a variety of omelettes.... smothered in things like CRAWFISH ETOUFFEE and SHRIMP CREOLE!
I always wondered what to do when I had leftover Etouffee.....and NOW I know!! It was YUMMY! But of course, starting your day with something like creole is not the best thing for one´s digestive system, but oh well! We are on vacation!

After breakfast we headed to HARRAH´S CASINO. Mads had told us that he had been to a casino before, however, he was quickly reminded that EVERYTHING IS BIGGER in the SOUTH!

We played a few slots, won a little cash and watched Mom play 3 Card Poker. Mads studied everything because he intended to play the next day.'

After about an hour in Harrah´s, we headed to the Riverfront Shopping Center....along the Mississippi River. We walked and shopped and of course, stopped at EVERY shoe store we found. But the greatest part of this shopping center was not the shoes.... It was the fact that they had Dacquiri Bars in the mall where you could buy dacquiris and drink them as you shopped indoors and you could buy beer on the street as you shopped outdoors!

It was a GREAT afternoon!

Then it was time to check in to the Hotel St. Marie, one block off Bourbon street! We checked in, unpacked and then got dressed for our dinner reservation at the Red Fish Grill. Dinner was DIVINE and we had a blast! The best part of New Orleans (besides the food) is of course, people watching which we did quite a bit!

After dinner, and walking along Bourbon, we decided it was time to head to bed because we knew that when we woke up, it would be St. Patrick´s Day in New Orleans, and we needed our rest!

and the Danish version:
Vi ankom til New Orleans klokken 830 i sondags. Min mor og jeg besluttede Mads havde brug for at kende til livet med en CAJUN kvinde, så vi planlæggede en tur til hjemmet af Cajun mennesker!

Først vi gik til morgenmad hos "Mothers", en populær Cajun restaurant hvor mennesker venter for mange minutter for et bord. Menuen havde ting såsom "Shrimp Creole Omelette" og de var MEGET LÆKKERT! Jeg er en Cajun kvinde og min familie er alle Cajuns, men jeg har ikke spist noget lige som dette for morgenmad!

Efter morgenmad vi gik til "Harrah´s Casino"....Mads kunne ikke tro hvor STORT det var! Vi også handlede langs med Mississippi Floden og drak øl imens vi handlede! Det var så morsomt!

Vi ankom til vores hotel at gøre os klar for aftensmad og vores nat på "Bourbon Street." Aftensmad var førbloffende og vores nat var interessante fordi vi "så på mennesker"!


Anonymous said...

Wow...I totally dig shopping and drinking at the same time...though I think for me, that could be a bit dangerous :D

Nichole said...

I sooo couldn't drink at 7:30AM unless it was a mimosa! I love crawfish, but I soooo can't suck the heads. So I give you mega props to be able to do those two things. *virtual high 5*

I dig the being able to buy drinks and then go shopping. I'm sure that makes people spend a little more money!