Sunday, March 23, 2008

Cajun Family Adventures Part 2

When we booked our trip to N.O. last fall, we never thought much about the dates other than the fact that they coincided with our spring break. And as a family that does not boast of any Irish heritage, we never really thought much about March 17...other than the fact, that you should wear green to avoid getting pinched.

Well, for those that were as clueless as we were, St. Patrick´s Day (March 17) is almost as big in New Orleans as Mardi Gras! No, they do not turn the Mississippi River green....but that is about ALL they DON´T do! It was CRAZY!

When we woke up on that Monday we headed to Ye Olde Irish Shop to find something to accesssorize ourselves with so that we attempted to LOOK like we remembered March 17...and then we set out for our day!

Our plan was to catch the trolley and ride to the Garden District to tour the neighborhoods of all the old historic homes.

It was an incredible day! Exactly what you think a tour of an old Southern neighborhood ought to look like! Flowers, columns, statues and balconies everywhere! Mads had not ever seen anything quite like it and I had to admit that I was pretty amazed myself!

Mads stopped to take advantage of the flora and fauna...and scored points with his new mother in law!

Along our route, we discovered the oldest cemetary in New Orleans...with all of its above ground graves. It was interesting to see all the names, dates and ages and imagine the stories that connected all of these people to one another.

It was time well spent...the Garden District of New Orleans is one area you don´t want to miss when you are in town.

That night we headed to Bourbon Street to see what all this fuss was about St. Patricks Day....and it was a little overwhelming with what felt like MILLIONS of people!

Just as with Mardi Gras, there were BEADS everywhere

as well as a parade, but this one was dominated by floats full of people dancing the Irish Jig instead of Zydeco!

And speaking of Zydeco....I have one more day to post....including VIDEO! So get ready to be amazed!

Vores sekund dag i New Orleans var d. 17 March, "St. Patricks Day". Traditionen siger "du skal har grøn på din tøj og kop eller en mennesker må kniber dig!!" Så vi gik i en butik og købte grøn ting at have på.

Den vi tog den "trolley" til New Orleans Have Nabolag. Dette nabolag har meget gammel og stor huser og mange flot blomsterne overalt! Mads givde en blomst til hans svigermor og hendes var meget lykkelig med ham!

Vi også besøgte New Orleans´ gammel kirkegård. Det var meget interssante at se fordi graverne er oven på grund.

Mandag aften vi gik til "Bourbon Street" at se St. Patricks Day paraden og der var mennesker OVERALT! De havde mange perler på dem og det var tosset!!

I morgen jeg vil skrive om vores sidste dag i New danser med min far!!


Nichole said...

That house is incredible and you guys always look like your having so much fun together.

I've never been to New Orleans and its been cool to see all these pictures. I guess I never really knew how to picture it!

Mom said...

Just remember - "What happens in New Orleans, stays in New Orleans." I suspect all will be revealed soon.

Ellen and Sharon said...

Sounds like Mom had a good time! You go, girl!