Friday, March 14, 2008

Min Fødselsdag!!

I går var min fødselsdag....og nu jeg er otteogtredive år!!
Det var en godt dag fordi jeg har en vidunderlig familie og venner!

Yesterday was my birthday...
my surprises started on Wednesday....and kept on coming!
It has been an amazing birthday because of all the things that my friends, my staff and my family have done to make sure it was perfect! They made turning 38 not so bad!

It all started on Wednesday, when my cake arrived! Shelly, Dustin and Joe had ordered it from our friend, Kevin (see for how awesome she is!). Kevin designs the most incredible cakes...made especially for the recipient and mine was no different. The cake was flown in from Houston on Wednesday and was about the most amazing birthday cake I have ever had!

She personalized it in Danish...just for me! And may not be able to tell but around the cake are these little icing creations... in the shape of TAMPONS! You know how much drama tampons have had in my life lately!

Then Thursday morning I got my next delivery...from my dear friend, Robbin, AKA the Desert Rose. She is our friend who moved to New Mexico last May, but finds every chance possible to fly back for a Texas-fix (wonder if I will have to do that as well!) She is my "desert rose" and I am her "yellow rose" but when I decided to make the move to Denmark, she hunted for their national flower so she could change my nickname. As you can see, she found it because for my birthday, I got a great vase full of YELLOW ROSES AND DANISH DAISIES! It was awesome!

My next surprise came around 11 when I was headed into our teacher´s lounge for what I thought was a Mexican fiesta Potluck dinner... as soon as I entered the room, they broke into the Happy Birthday song and brought out a huge birthday cake for me.... I was shocked to find out the potluck lunch was for me! All the different departments started bringing me cards and gifts and was so GREAT! I felt completely loved!

My work day ended as I headed home to get ready for my birthday dinner. Because Mads was stuck in the air, somewhere between Europe and the U.S. , Jess and Stephen were in charge of my birthday dinner. We went to my favorite Dallas restaurant, the Grand Lux and had an incredible time complete with my MOLTEN CHOCOLATE CAKE for dessert!

Then we walked around the Galleria, shopping, people watching and just having a fun and relaxing night. Oh, and we did run into a few supermodels as well! Stephen was quite excited!
But I am confident that he thinks the REAL supermodels are NOT in a Victoria´s Secret display.... I am sure he thinks they were riding in his car last night!!

I received so many great gifts the last two days.... such as Gilmore Girl DVDs that I wanted so I would have them to watch when I move to DK, an IKEA gift card and a VISA gift card for Mads and I to use to find things for the house and my very own pair of UGGS! It was like CHRISTMAS in March!

I am so blessed to have such incredible people in my life... the kind of people that are with you for matter how many miles are between you! And the best part is that the birthday is not over.... Mads finally arrived today at 11 with birthday gifts and we are going to my mom´s tomorrow night for birthday dinner with my family! I love these MULTIPLE DAY matter how old I get.


journeyinfinite said...

It was fun getting to see you guys today! Glad you had such a great birthday -- LFC loves you!!!

Jakino...the Desert Rose said...

Cool!!! I am so glad your birthday went so well! Wish I could have been there for all the festivities! Happy 38th birthday, Texas Rose (aka Danish Daisy!!)

Love ya and miss ya much!!

Unknown said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!

Kevin said...

So glad I could be at least a small part of your grand birthday celebration!

Nichole said...

Finally I can catch up!
Happy Happy Happy Belated Birthday!
Seems like you had just the best of birthdays this year with lots of celebrations and happy moments.
I hope your 38th year is filled with happiness and joy.