Thursday, March 6, 2008

Min venner fra Danmark kommer til Dallas!

Min venner, Nichole og Michael er fra Texas men bor i danmark!
Jeg mødte Nichole sidste efterår når jeg fandt hendes blog om hendes liv i danmark...og vi er nu god venner! Jeg er meget taknemmelig at have Nichole fordi hun hjælper mig at være klar at flyver til danmark og jeg ved hun vil sæge for mig når jeg ankomme i juni. (og Michael er vidunderlig også!!)
Jeg er meget spændt denne uge fordi Michael og Nichole er i Dallas og jeg endelig havde en lejlighed for min forældre og min ven, Shelly, at møde dem. Det et forbløffende!!!

As you know, I have a friend named Nichole who is from Texas, but who is living in Denmark with her husband, Michael because Michael works for Texas Instruments in DK. Last fall, I met Nichole through her blog when I did a google search about finding a Danish tutor in Dallas...and the rest is history. We email and talk electronically each week and now, everytime I am in DK, I make it a point to see the two of them. The only thing missing in this friendship was the connection between Nichole and my life here in Allen. I talk about her all the time to my family and my friend, Shelly so when Nichole told me a few weeks ago that she and Michael were coming to Dallas in March, I was SO EXCITED! This was finally the chance for me to introduce my support system HERE to my future support system in Denmark!

So last night, everyone met at my apartment in Allen for dinner. The pot roast cooked in the crock pot all day and Jess cleaned her we were ready!! The coolest part was when Nichole and Michael arrived and my mom, my dad and Shelly all three greeted them with a hug! It was like a reunion of old friends! I loved the fact that I got to be the connection between all of these incredible people!!

We spent several hours together while the five of them got to know each other better....we talked about everything from their lives growing up in Texas, them learning Danish, the really amazing chip (about which I cannot even begin to explain!)that Michael designed for TI and all of the things about Denmark that I am going to have to get used to. At one point Michael said it was pretty comical to listen to me... because everything I am nervous or unsure about are the same things they struggled with when they left Texas and moved, but now after years of living in Denmark, they do not even think about those things anymore. So he encouraged me that I WOULD eventually get used to all the differences. Although he was not nearly as confident about my ability to ride my bike in a dress and heels and look as natural as the Danish women...especially the 70 year old ones!

We talked about all the things that I have already taken to Denmark, using the airlines as my delivery method and we talked about the things I am leaving behind. One thing, though, after everyone ate the pot roast and potatoes, that was determined WOULD be going with me to Denmark was my crock pot, since those do not seem to EXIST anywhere in DaneLand! So Michael did some investigation in my crock pot to see if it would need a transformer or not (did you know there is a code on all our electronics that tells you that information??!!)....well, Dr. Pate determined that yes, the crock pot can go, and yes, it will need a transformer!

We also learned that Michael is a PREFERRED FLYER on SAS Airlines so he gets to bring extra luggage that is extra kilos at no charge, so guess who offered to take an extra suitcase back with him, filled with MY SHOES!!!

The night was so amazing. Anyone looking in at the scene would have never thought that most of them had just met each other that day! It was so comfortable and so great! Nichole assured my mom and dad that she would help me adjust to my new life in Denmark and I know they felt better after they got to meet her!

I feel so blessed because of the people that are closest to me...the people that love and support me on a regular basis. Life is hard and sometimes it is even a little scary, but with the RIGHT people by my side, I know it will be ok. Actually, more than just ok!


Ellen and Sharon said...

Your support system is so very important when you transition into your new surroundings! Just think, Kelli, you have one on two continents! You are a lucky girl. We loved the fact that Michael gets to take an extra suitcase filled with shoes. Got any room for tampons? (Hee, hee!)

Mom said...

Nicole & Michael were absolutely precious - it was as if they were old friends. I'm glad Kelli has found new friends in DK. Although I will miss my little girl, I am already planning a trip to DK in the Falls.....a few miles cannot keep us apart. Love ya! mom

Unknown said...

That is AWESOME about the shoes! Too cool. :)

Stephen J McGinnis said...

Well goodness i wish i could have met them but hey i guess i will some time!! and im waiting for the pics of me you and jess on the couch tonight!!

Kevin said...

Are you SURE Mads and Michael aren't twin sons of different mothers?

They sure look like it to me.

Nichole said...

We had SO much fun meeting your nearest and dearest! They made us feel so welcome and we were so comfortable around them all! Thank you soooo much for arranging this! I'll get my blog post up about this AWESOME time tomorrow! :)