Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Texas Weather

Saturday, March 1 in Allen, Texas- High Temp- 78 degrees

Sunday, March 2 in Allen, Texas- High Temp- 74 degrees

Monday, March 3 in Allen, Texas at 9pm

Tuesday, March 4 in Allen, Texas at 6am....2 girls lay in bed, crossing our fingers that school will be delayed because here is what we woke up to:

And of course, Albert is thinking "You expect me to walk in that cold stuff just to pee?!"

And in case you were wondering how I got all that off the frozen stuff off the windshields......

YES, I did use a kitchen spatula!

And now....at 12:30pm....the temp in Allen, Texas: 52 degrees with the sun shining. I did not even need a coat when I went to lunch!

God, I love Texas weather!


Jakino...the Desert Rose said...

LOL!!! Just thinking about the snow pics I have sent your way versus the ones you posted! Can't stop laughing!!

Glad to know you don't need all those winder shoes that are already in DK! :)

Stephen J McGinnis said...

Well to a point i like it to i just wish it would stay at one temp. !!

Nichole said...

I had forgotten how Texas weather worked and I've only been gone for 15 months!! It caught us COMPLETELY off guard!!

Ellen and Sharon said...

We loved seeing the snow pictures in another part of Texas! Last night it was 28 degrees here in El Paso! Brrrr! Next week the sun will be shining and in the upper 60's --- we hope!! (for Nichole's sake!)

We loved reading Mads post. He's doing a great job preparing for you! God bless him!