Sunday, April 27, 2008

Først tur på min ny cykel ... First ride on my new bike

Vores søndag var meget god!
Mads familie kom i en Dansk morgenmad med rundstykker og kød og frugt men kender du hvad den lille kop er til?

Og kan du gætte hvem enhver ELSKEDE?!

Jeg føler godt om at Albert bor i Herning med Mads og hans familie fordi enhver synes han er VIDUNDERLIG! Jeg ved de vil elske Albert mens jeg er i Texas...

Our Sunday was great.
Mads´ family came for a Danish breakfast with "rundstykker" (that literally means round pieces...but it is a Danish bread that you slice in half and spread butter on and cover with meats and cucumbers.) and meats and fruit and can you guess what the little cup is for?

And can you guess who everyone loved??!!
I feel god about Albert living in Herning with Mads and his family because everyone thinks he is WONDERFUL! I know they will love albert while I am in Texas....

Efter morgenmad Mads og jeg og Albert tog på cykel tur til parken i Herning. Albert sad i min kasse på min ny cykel og kiggede meget sød!

Jeg cyklede til parken med Albert i min kasse og jeg var ikke nervøs!! LOL
Han elskede det! I parken vi gå og kiggede i alting....søen, anden, blomsterne (Dansk bellis), men Alberts favorit ting var hesterne!!!

After breakfast, Mads, Albert and I took a ride on our bikes to the park in Herning.
Albert sat in the basket on my new bike and looked so cute! I rode to the park with Albert in my basket and I wasn´t even nervous! LOL! He loved it. At the park we walked and looked at everything...the lake, the ducks, the flowers (Danish daisies!) but Albert´s favorite thing was the horses!


Anonymous said...

What happened with the horse? Did he get spooked?

journeyinfinite said...

A. Is the little cup for a boiled egg? That's round and breakfast-y.

B. You and Albert look like models in the Park of Daneland. He is such a good little dog! The bike is adorable! Oh, and I can't wait for tulip pics!

I am so glad Emmitt is out and about! You guys all look so happy!

HOLMES said...


Are those lingonberries painted on the plate???

The pics and videos are just great. Albert looks happy! Guessing Emmitt wasn't ready for the bike basket...

Jakino...the Desert Rose said...

Albert looked so cute in the basket. I bet he loved the feel of the wind in his hair!
Really liked seeing those Danish Daisys finally!!
Miss ya, and I am glad to know all the boys are in good hands for the next month!
Miss ya!! :)

Nichole said...

I absolutely love the picture of Albert, Mads and the bike. Albert looks like such a pro in that basket! I can already picture all the fun adventures you and Albert are going to have on that bike.

What a fun day!

Oh, and the little cup is for an Egg! :) We first used them on our first trip to Germany, then I found some I loved in Dallas and bought them! I don't use them often, but if the occasion should present itself, I'm ready!

Rachel said...

I'm so glad Albert is comfortable in his new home and surroundings. He's already making new friends with the horses. The park will be a nice place for you to bike to w/ Albert - in the basket of course :-)

Unknown said...

Those pictures are DARLING.