Friday, May 30, 2008

Den sidst gang..... The last time......

I move to Denmark in 17 days. Before I move, I know there will be many "lasts" that I will experience. Maybe not the "last time ever in my life" but most definitely the last time for quite a while. Some are silly and some are really not that important. Some are bittersweet and some are the kind that grab your heart and squeeze until the tears flow uncontrollably down your face. But regardless of which category each experience falls into, they all have some symbolic meaning to me.

Jeg flytter til danmark om 17 dage. Før jeg flytter, ved jeg skal jeg har mange "sidste gange" at opleve. Måske ikke den sidst gang i mit liv, men den sidst gang til lang tid. Nogen er fjollet og er nogen ikke vigtig. Nogen er bittersød og er nogen den slags som griber din hjerte og trykker til tårerne strømmer ned dit ansigt. Men ligegyldig hvad kategori oplevelsen er ind, alle har mening for mig.

Sidst hår møde til Eaton Court .... Last hair appointment at Eaton Court
(kun Tamara kender min sand hår farve.... only Tamara knows my real hair color....)

Sidst dage at arbejde til Lowery Freshman Center.... Last day to work at Lowery Freshman Center

Sidst gang at køre en bil uden en koblingsarm (og snakker på telefonen mens kører jeg!) ..... Last time to drive a car without a stick (and talk on the phone while I drive!)

Sidst "Terrasse Aften" med min venner.... Last "Porch Night" with my friends

Sidst gang at købe SAND Jordnød Smør.... Last time to buy REAL Peanut Butter

Sidst gang at kigge fjernsyn i en lejlighen uden møbler.... Last time to watch television in an apartment without furniture

Sidst tur til biografen hvor kan du VALGE hvor at sidde.... Last trip to the movie theatre where you can CHOOSE where to sit

Sidst Mavs kamp med Jess.... Last Mavs game with Jess....

Sidst "Lov og Orden, SVU" maraton.... Last "Law and Order, SVU" marathon

Sidst familie aftensmad i mors.... Last family dinner at mom´s

Sommetider 1 ting kan både have ondt din hjerte og heler din hjerte...
Sometimes 1 thing can both hurt your heart and heal your heart...
Fordi flytter fra noget er også flytter til noget...
Because moving from something is also moving to something.



Stephen J McGinnis said...

:( But hey now there will be new things!!! like the first people to come see you in DK hummm ??

Nichole said...

Enjoy every last thing!!

Paula said...

awwh. i was so touched by this post. its really going to be a big change!

journeyinfinite said...

Last time you smack Dave for saying something weird until we crash your pad in DK? :-P

HOLMES said...

"Moving from something is moving TO something."

I needed to read that.

We'll have fun during these last weeks, sister.

Love you!

Rachel said...

Hej Kelli -
I enjoyed reading how you're looking at both sides of your move - no pun intended ;-)

It's awesome how you have such a great family and friends that will always be there for you no matter where you are. Mads made your world bigger with introducing Denmark to you and now you're able to do the same for your family and friends. I'm sure it will be fun for everyone to visit you & Mads (& don't forget Albert & Emmitt, too) in Denmark.

Det er fast mit mål at tale dansk til dig når vi endeligt møder i Danmark. Tak for alle din hjælp! :-)

[ENG: It's definitely my goal to speak Danish to you when we finally meet in Denmark. Thanks for all your help!]

MoMo 2.0 said...

You are right, baby! There will be alot of "lastes" and things that you will not be able to do in a while and that some of the things that you take for granted and that you will miss the most will be your loving Jess, family and friends that you have around you in your every day life. This is one chapter in your life witch is about to end and a new one is about to unfold here in Denamrk. I know it is hard on you right now and will be in the future too, but as you know there is many of my family and friends with a big and loving heart waiting for you to arrive and we will all do our very best to make sure that you will get the best possible start on your new adventure and life here together with me. I believe that there is just one thing to say to your family members and friends out there ... Start making some planes of you coming to Denmark for a visit, so both Kelli and I have something to look forward to. That is the way Kelli and I got though the last year ... Always have something good to look forward to and the next time we would be together again.

Mom said...

We will have many more family dinners on both sides of the ocean...Just not as often. Love you!!