Friday, May 23, 2008

Royal wedding in Denmark tomorrow or ... !

Saturday May 24th Denmark is on "Royal wedding time". Our Prince Joachim (brother to Crown Prince Frederick) is being married to Marie Cavallier - A French woman that Prince Joachim meet at a private party in 2003. Of cause all of the Danish media is in place and all they are talking about is ... Yes, you guessed it! ... the Royal wedding tomorrow! :o)

But I am having a dilemma ... My team FC MIDTJYLLAND is playing there last game of the season tomorrow and we have to win to get our hard earned SILVER MEDALES. So what do I do ... Wedding - Soccer - Wedding - Soccer ... OF CAUSE SOCCER !!! LOL :o) 17 busses of FC Midtjylland fans is ready to go tomorrow morning and support our boys and I am ready by my TV :o) ... Ok ok! I promish to change the channel at half time and after the game to see how beautiful a couple Prince Joachim and Marie Cavallier is.

Having said that, Marie or any other woman will never be as beautiful as my wife was at our wedding ... today it is exactly 6 months ago that Kelli Ann Schreffler became Kelli Ann Nørgaard.

Happy anniversary my love! I wish that we could spend this special day together, but we will soon! I love you ... so very much!


HOLMES said...

Great God, it's already been six months???

Congrats and I think you and Kelli are better off than the royal couple... at least you can go out and buy beer without being photographed.

Can't wait to see you, Mads!!

Stephen J McGinnis said...

Well then... looks like you got a filled day tomorrow.... and happy 6 months of being married i think yal look better than the royal wedding...... and only like 26 more days till you get here!

Ellen and Sharon said...

What a sweet post! Happy Anniversary to you both. The limbo that you both have lived in for so long will be over very soon. You seem like the perfect couple just like Nichole and Michael. Enjoy your new life together. We wish we could be there when little Albert realizes that his momma is finally home!

Anonymous said...

Too bad the royal couple can't get married on the soccer (I mean football field)after your FC Midtjylland wins. There could be fireworks, maybe even a ceremonial kick by the couple. What a shame. Oh well, you can probably watch the wedding on YouTube the next day.

Anonymous said...

I was also reading up on the royal couple and it said that many of the Danes think that his new bride needs to learn Danish. Then I thought how lucky you are Mads...your wife is not only more beautiful, but more fluent as well!

Nichole said...

I hadn't planned on watching it, but I was laying outside soaking up the sun and got way too hot to stay out there...(you don't hear that too often about Denmark do you?) so I came in and turned it on. The couple looked stunning and so sweet. I loved that little Price Felix fell asleep for a short while.

Congrats to you to on 6 wonderful months. :)

Mom said...

I cannot believe it has been 6 months - I hope that the two of you will be good to each other and cherish each day together. There is such a thing as "forever love" and I live it everyday with Mike. Congrats - you will be together soon - we are looking forward to your arrival in Texas!

stacyo said...

Doesn't Denmark know the "Real" Pincess arrives June 17th? : )

I am so happy for you and sad for us left behind at Lowery without your direction and leadership!!
Sounds like a girls weekend at your house!!!

Stacy O

Unknown said...

Such a sweet post. :)